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May 30, 2024
what is video pipe inspection

Did you know there is now an easier way to find where leaks are coming from in your drain pipe system? What’s more, it doesn’t require any excavation work and is a much cheaper method to use. In this article, we explore what is video pipe inspection and how it can help detect water leaks within your plumbing system.

Most home or business owners dread the thought of blocked drains and pipe leaks. However, it’s the damage and cost associated with these problems that cause real headaches. For example, when a pipe is leaking underneath the building, consider what it typically requires to detect and fix this leak. Some excessive measures might be necessary, unless, the right equipment is used by the right people.

What Is Video Pipe Inspection?

Video pipe inspection is a modern solution to several big pipe leaks and blocked drain problems. And in light of helping home and business owners to make the most cost-effective decisions, this article looks at:

  • Defining video pipe inspection
  • The benefits of drain camera video inspections
  • Types of drain testing

How Does Video Pipe Inspection Work?

In straightforward terms, video pipe inspection makes use of special cameras. These can be guided through many different pipe systems, move around bends, and go through water/waste without being damaged. Working with video or drain pipe inspection experts opens up a world of cost-effective solutions.

How Video Pipe Inspection Makes A Big Difference

Why should it matter to home or business owners that there are leak specialists using such advanced tools? Here are several reasons:

1. The Inspection Is Very Quick

Do not expect the camera leak technician to take long in finding the problem. Whether something is blocking the pipe, or whether it is damaged and needs replacement, the video inspection reveals everything the operator needs to know.

2. It Does Not Require Excessive Measures

When excessive measures are mentioned, we are talking about excavation which typically takes place when conventional strategies are used. In other words, there is a good chance plumbing professionals have to dig to find the problem. However, with a more sophisticated camera system, no digging is required.

3. The Problem Can Be Assessed With Accuracy

Without digging, assessing the problem cannot be done with 100% accuracy. Every solution is ultimately a guess, and there is no telling how effective guesswork can be. However, a video pipe inspection provides accuracy on top of all the other elements which is why it is such a viable solution.

4. Test An Extensive Range Of Pipes

It does not really matter what type of piping system you are struggling with. Given the cameras are flexible, small, and durable, they are able to slide into just about any system you need them to.

5. Video Pipe Inspection Is More Cost-Effective

When combining the cost of the excavation and possible repairs, as well as the cost of hiring professionals, it is not surprising that video inspection is much more affordable. Home and business owners do not have to dig up areas of their property just to find the problems with their piping system. The inspection can be incredibly quick if leak specialists with camera equipment are in charge.

6. Pipe Maintenance

Finally, spending a little more right now to assess the health of the piping system at home can help to prevent bigger problems down the line.

Types Of Drain Camera Testing

It is important to note that modern pipe inspections can be used for a variety of things. However, to give everyone a good idea of the most common reasons, video inspections are utilised for:

  • Blocked drains including tree intrusion, debris clogging up the system etc.
  • Water pipe and sprinkler leaks
  • Backflow testing
  • Damaged water pipes

Gone are the days when fixing something as basic as a leak would have cost you a small fortune. Especially if the leak is detected in a location that cannot be spotted without excavating. To make things worse, by the time the leak becomes visible, the water damage might already be done.

However, all your pipe problems can be assessed and solved much quicker than you thought. And it will not cost nearly as much as you think.

How Can We Help?

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