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April 21, 2024

Blocked Drain Detection Service

Blocked drains are a common and frustrating issue faced by Melbourne homeowners and businesses. See what’s causing the unpleasant odours and slow water flow with our drain specialists.


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Austest is Melbourne’s leading drain company specialising in all blocked drains and sewerage systems. Our advanced equipment allows us to clear blocked drains fast, not only will we clear the clogged drain, but we will also locate and identify the causes of the blocked drain.

Once we know the common causes of your blocked drain, we will inform you and deliver a fully detailed report of what sort of action to take next in clearing your drains. We have been working in and clearing blocked drains in Melbourne for over two decades. We have an experienced team of drain experts, technology equipment, and the knowledge to unblock your sewer or plumbing drain system in a short space of time.

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    Have a blocked drain at your Melbourne property?

    We specialise in clearing and unblocking shower drains, kitchens, toilets, grease lines, sewers and water drainage systems in Melbourne.

    The most common causes of blocked drainage systems are tree roots, hair, dirt, and grease or in some cases, the pipeline or waterways have simply collapsed. If the drain is blocked and can’t be cleared due to the drain being badly collapsed, we can use our state of the art CCTV Camera equipment to locate the origin of the cause.

    Blocked drains are extremely common and our team are ready to help you get on with your day, so if you are experiencing a blocked drain problem we can have a qualified drain technician assist you immediately at your property.

    Signs you have a blocked drain

    • Sink or basic slow to drain

      When your shower or bathroom sink is taking longer to drain than expected, this usually suggests a blockage.

    • Gurgling sounds

      Hearing gurgling sounds indicate that water is either pooling or pushing against the drain pipe.

    • Strong smell or odour

      Noticing an unusually foul smell like sewage in your bathroom is a common sign of a blocked drain.

    Clear Blocked Sewer Drains in Melbourne

    Our drain pros will find the cause of your blocked drains Melbourne, and provide the best solution to clear the drain without causing further damage to your pipe system and property. Once you notice any symptoms of a drain blockage it’s best to call a professional plumber as soon as possible.

    How To Clear Blocked Drains

    Drains get clogged because of the build-up of debris in your drainage pipes. Although you can avoid a blocked sink or blocked bathroom drain by avoiding washing these types of materials into your pipes, knowing how to clear clogged drains at home is still a worthwhile endeavor.

    While the immediate impulse is to call an expert plumber, there are several do-it-yourself or DIY techniques to remove the clog, thereby saving a couple of bucks. There are several household products and remedies you can use for clearing drains without using caustic drain cleaners.

    The methods for draining a blocked drain depends on whether the clog is partial or full-on. The former, or partial clog, will allow at least some water down the drain. The latter, however, means the drains are fully blocked and no water is going down at all.

    You can use the below DIY methods to unblock your blocked drain at home:

    Natural Cleaners to refresh your drains

    An easy DIY method is to use natural cleaners such as sodas to create a fizzing effect that breaks up the drain blockage particles.

    Pour hot water down the drain, then use one cup of bicarbonate of soda and a cup of vinegar. Together this will form a powerful drainage mix. Leave it for 10 minutes, then pour down more hot water. The mix of the natural cleaner and hot water can clear the drain blockage up.

    Boiling Water to clear your blocked sink

    A most common method is using boiling water to tackle most blocked drains caused by fat deposits, toiletries, and other types of grease. The extreme heat of the water will break up these substances. Boil a kettle of water and pour it down the drain to break up the clogged drain.

    Using a plunger to clear stubborn debris

    Another effective tool is the use of plungers to help shift the blockage. This particular tool works by forming a tight seal around the drain hole, and with a vacuum pull effect may remove the clogged drain.

    We service the following areas

    Austest Pipeline Solutions services the Melbourne suburbs including South Morang, Oak Park, Essendon, Reservoir, Kew, Preston, Fitzroy, Collingwood and the surrounding suburbs.

    Call the team at Austest Pipeline Solutions today on 1800 532 533 for all types of blocked drain clearing.

    Talk To The Drain Pros

    Blocked drains in residential and commercial premises can be a nightmare, whether it is sewerage or stormwater drain pits that have clogged up. There is nothing worse than raw sewage or non-potable water overflowing internally or externally in your house or on your property.