High Pressure Drain Clearing Services

At Aus-Test our advanced equipment allows us to clear blocked drains quickly, not only will we clear the blocked drain, we will also locate and identify why the drain was blocked in the first place. Once we know what blocked your drain we will informing you on the best course of action to avoid the same issue from happening again.

We have been working in and clearing blocked drains in Melbourne for over a decade. We have the team, the drain unblocking equipment and the expertise to unblock your sewer or drainage system in a short space of time.

Fixing blocked Drain in MelbourneFixing blocked Drain in Melbourne

Blocked drains in residential and commercial premises can be a nightmare, whether it is sewerage or storm water drain pits that have clogged up. There is nothing worse than raw sewage or non-potable water overflowing internally or externally in your house or on your property.

Blocked Drain Specialists

We specialise in unblocking basins, baths, showers, kitchens, toilets, grease lines, all pipelines, sewers and water drainage systems in Melbourne Victoria. With a quick turn around time and competitive pricing we can have your drains draining pronto.

The most common causes of blocked drainage systems are tree roots, hair, dirt, and grease or in some cases the pipeline or water ways have simply collapsed. If the drain is blocked and can’t be cleared due to the drain being badly collapsed, we can use our state of the art CCTV Camera equipment to locate the exact position of the fault quickly. No matter what caused the issue, we will solve it for you.

Blocked drains are extremely common and our team are ready to help you get on with your day, so if you are experiencing a blocked drain problem we can have a qualified plumber ready to come and remedy your blockage as soon as you make the call.

We service the following areas

Although we do service all of Melbourne, we have teams on standby in the following locations who can get get to your location quickly and in most cases, fix the problem for you within a matter of hours.

Blocked drains Melbourne, South Morang, Oak Park, Essendon, Reservoir, Kew, Preston, Fitzroy, Collingwood and the surrounding suburbs in Melbourne Victoria.