6 Common Problems Behind Leaky Pipes

Any home or business is vulnerable to leaking pipes. Understanding what usually causes these leaks will help you be prepared to deal with them promptly. Here are 6 common problems that lead to leaky pipes: Normal Deterioration The water and sewage pipes in homes and businesses are usually made from the following materials: Copper –… Read More »

Tree Root Drainage Issues

The Importance of Avoiding Tree Roots Around Your Pipes

The average family uses about 900 liters of water every day. Water pipes transport clean water to their homes and sewage pipes carry waste water away. Tree roots often grow into these pipes and if left unchecked can cause hundreds of dollars worth of damage. If you are a property owner, you need to understand… Read More »

Detect water leakage

How to detect leakage in water pipelines?

Every day the water pipes in your home or office transport about 300 liters of water for every person in the building. A 3mm crack in one of these pipes can waste 900 liters of water in a day, besides also increasing your water bill and causing property damage. Our team, the Aus-Test Leak detectors of… Read More »

Water Lines Underground

How To Locate Water Lines and Pipes Underground

How to Find Water Lines Underground If a portion of your lawn has been looking a little swampy lately, or your basement has been smelling musty or sprouting mold, your underground water lines might be at fault. Since most water piping today is made from PVC or similar materials, a homemade underground pipe locator DIY’d… Read More »


Reduce stress on water pipes to prevent costly water leaks

Reduce stress on water pipes to prevent costly water leaks The plumbing system of your home experiences a great deal of wear and tear every day. Over the years, it can develop a lot of plumbing issues such as leaks, which can cause serious water damage to your property. Water leaks are inevitable but, with… Read More »


Things That You Shouldn’t Flush Down The Toilet

Things That You Shouldn’t Flush Down The Toilet Having a powerful drainage capacity, the toilet has quickly become our personal trash transporter. We often feel tempted to flush down waste instead of using a trash can. Just close the lid, flush, and it’s gone! If you have the habit of flushing unnecessary things down the… Read More »

Prevent Plumbing Problems

Summer plumbing problems and how to avoid them

Summer plumbing problems and how to avoid them Holidays, barbeques, beach trips and abundance of fresh produce; summer is the best time to have fun with your family and friends. However, the warm weather can be overtaxing for your plumbing system. The bathroom, the washing machine, and the dishwasher will be overused during this period… Read More »

prevent plumbing problems over busy season

Avoid plumbing issues during the holidays

Avoid plumbing issues during the holidays When you are busy preparing for your grand Christmas party, the last thing you want to deal with is a clogged drain or a hot water system failure. Plumbing issues are unexpected but they are more likely to occur during the holiday season. From hot water system to garbage… Read More »

Avoid Water Damage in natural disaster

How to protect your home from water damage during natural disasters

How to protect your home from water damage during natural disasters Natural disasters can be very devastating. In March-April 2017, Cyclone Debbie claimed more than 12 lives in NSW and Queensland. In October 2017, flooding occurred in Central Coast Queensland. The Great Southern Region and West Victoria also experienced severe flooding and storm-like situations this… Read More »

Aus-test |water damage

Hacks to protect your home from water damage

Simple Ways to Prevent Costly Water Damage Even though water is essential, it has the potential to damage your property. Water damage is a major cause of property loss, weakening the foundation of your home and the pillars that hold your property together.     Make no mistake, even just a little water can be… Read More »