Prevent Plumbing Problems

Summer plumbing problems and how to avoid them

Holidays, barbeques, beach trips and abundance of fresh produce; summer is the best time to have fun with your family and friends. However, the warm weather can be overtaxing for your plumbing system. The bathroom, the washing machine, and the dishwasher will be overused during this period and if you don’t take necessary precautions, you… Read More »

prevent plumbing problems over busy season

Avoid plumbing issues during the holidays

When you are busy preparing for your grand Christmas party, the last thing you want to deal with is a clogged drain or a hot water system failure. Plumbing issues are unexpected but they are more likely to occur during the holiday season. From hot water system to garbage disposal, your plumbing system will be… Read More »

Avoid Water Damage in natural disaster

How to protect your home from water damage during natural disasters

Natural disasters can be very devastating. In March-April 2017, Cyclone Debbie claimed more than 12 lives in NSW and Queensland. In October 2017, flooding occurred in Central Coast Queensland. The Great Southern Region and West Victoria also experienced severe flooding and storm-like situations this year. Unfortunately, we cannot do much to prevent a natural disaster.… Read More »

Aus-test |water damage

Hacks to protect your home from water damage

Simple Ways to Prevent Costly Water Damage Even though water is essential, it has the potential to damage your property. Water damage is a major cause of property loss, weakening the foundation of your home and the pillars that hold your property together.     Make no mistake, even just a little water can be… Read More »

Aus-test | How to fix leaks

How water leaks in the home happen and how to fix them

The Principle Behind Leaks     A water leak on your property can cause your water bill to skyrocket if not detected and repaired in time. A single leak can result to thousands of litres of water wasted   Water leaks can occur anywhere in your water supply network and drainage system. But it’s in… Read More »

Aus-test | clear blocked drain

Hacks to clear a blocked drain, sink and toilet

Clear Blocked Drains – DIY Whether it’s a small house or a big home with the whole family, kitchen and bathroom sinks can get clogged any time. Considering the amount of waste that gets flushed, it’s only understandable that residue will get trapped in the drains from time to time. Drains get clogged because of… Read More »

Drain Relining Could Be the Best Solution to Your Leak Problems

Having Your Drains Relined To Fix Your Leaks Drain damage normally happens for many home owners and happens when you least expect it. Luckily, we have good many drain relining Melbourne experts who know how fix the problem. They can tell you whether to reline or replace the damaged drain. What are the Signs of Damaged… Read More »

Detect Leak Problems with Thermal Imaging

Detecting An Underground Leak With Thermal Imaging Most property owners often face one common problem: moisture over ceilings, behind walls and under surfaces and floors is normally impossible to detect until late when the problem is already excessive. That’s when it becomes visible to the naked eye. Such moisture usually comes from leaks from plumbing… Read More »

What Causes Slab Heave and How to Solve the Problem

How Slab Heave Happens And What To Do About It It’s simple chemistry. When water is added to clay, it expands. And when the water dries up it shrinks. The same reaction happens when this clay is beneath a house. Only this time, the object on top of the soil is expanded. This is what… Read More »

water meter test

Why a Water Meter Test is Important

Saving on utility services such as water bills has become a matter of concern these days, especially in homes and in commercial facilities. Should you for no apparent reason receive a water bill that is exceptionally high? Then, you should consider two possible factors. There is either a mistake in your supplier’s accounting system or there are water leaking issues on your premises.

If it’s a mistake in the accounting system, then it can be easily resolved by filing a complaint to your supplier. However, if it’s due to a leak on your premises, then you will need the help of a water meter leak detection service.