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August 18, 2022

Reliable Leak Detection Services Melbourne Wide

Since 1997 we have been registered and licensed in all aspects of plumbing. Though we have branched out and specialise in the diagnosis of plumbing faults including water leak detection so whether it be finding hidden water leaks or faulty drainage systems, we have you covered.

We are backed by over 30 years of industry experience in domestic, commercial, and industrial areas of water leak detection and plumbing services. Our main focus is delivering exceptional customer service with our highly-skilled technicians and leak specialists along with the best tools and techniques to get the job done safely.

Using the best industry equipment, we’re able to detect all kinds of leaks and drain problems including underground leaks and pipe location work. Get in touch with Melbourne’s most experienced leak detection company and see why locals choose us.

water leak detection melbourne

Can our Melbourne Leak Detection Specialist help you?

detect pipe leaks

Detect Pipe Leaks

Locate leak problems in drain pipes and plumbing system.

hidden water leaks

Hidden Water Leaks

We can help detect and find leaks others can’t.

underground water leaks

Underground Water Leaks

We cover all underfloor leaks including fire service leaks and irrigation leaks.

water leaks in walls

Water Leaks In Walls

Prevent damage to your home and find wall leaks fast.

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Our Leak Detection Services

drain camera inspection

If you have a leak at your home or office, it can cause further damage if it’s left unattended. In most circumstances, you will see some signs of leaks but no idea of the location of the leak.

We use the camera inspection method to get to hard to reach places like seeing what’s causing a blocked drain, water leak or pipe blockage underground.

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Thermal Water Leak Detection

We use the thermal detection method to find the location of a leak whether it’s in ceilings, walls, or underfloor locations. Most commonly used in bathrooms and showers, it can easily detect leaks before it causes further damage to surrounding fixtures.

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austest acoustic leak detection

The use of acoustic leak detection allows us to locate the leak within your plumbing system without causing damage to your walls or foundations.

Using acoustic leak detection we’re able to find leaks by using acoustic sounds and sensors in a safe way without damaging your property. This is a non-invasive approach that is very cost effective and will save you time.

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shower leak detection melbourne

Have you noticed your water bill has increased? It could be costing you money having a water leak in the shower. This is wasted water at your property and can be a potential health risk to your family members.

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Detecting Leaks Will Avoid Costly Property Damage

Why trust your property in the hands of a plumber without the correct equipment to detect water leaks? Not only will they fail to find a leak but they will leave your property in a state of disrepair.

When it comes to other leak detection companies we often see they don’t have the plumbing knowledge and experience in finding the origin of where the leak is coming from.

We have you covered for all leak detection Melbourne services to include areas Bayside Suburbs, Northern Suburbs, Western Suburbs, and Southern Suburbs,

Call The Leak Detection Experts That Plumbers Trust

Using non-invasive tools and advanced training, our water leak detectors will assist in locating any difficult water leaks, quickly and effectively with minimal property intrusion.

Have you noticed there is water seeping from around your property? If you suspect a water leak and can’t find the origin, it’s time to call our leak detection specialists to step in. From bathroom to shower leaks or burst pipes to underground slab leaks, Austest is a trusted leak detector Melbourne residents rely on.

We’re committed to assisting you with your enquiries, our friendly team will accommodate your requests to book you in at a time you find most convenient.


img Upfront Costs

Before starting any leak detection works at your property, we will first gain approval of full costs involved.

img Professional Experience

We can handle any type of drain pipe leak detection from undergrond to burst water pipes and slab heaves.

img Check Up & Locate

Using our inspection methods to look over the entire plumbing system, we will locate the leak and find the cause of the problem.






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Excellent, fast, efficient, friendly service. Corey knew exactly what he was doing and found the issue quickly. Highly professional and fully informative.


Corey was prompt, courteous, most efficient and clearly explained and demonstrated the problem. I recommend his services without hesitation. Corey was prompt, courteous, most efficient and clearly explained and demonstrated the problem. I recommend his services without hesitationCorey was prompt, courteous, most efficient and clearly explained and demonstrated the problem. I recommend his services without hesitation

Anthony C

Thank you for locating the leak we had in our laundry area. Unbelievable, you were within 25mm of the leak. We know who to call next time. Thanks again

Mike S

Great service guys!!
Can’t believe you found the leak within 30 minutes.
Thank You

Narelle H

How To Find A Burst Water Pipe


When it comes down to it, water leaks are a very common, and recurring problem faced by homeowners and commercial property owners, already struggling to make ends meet. Considering so… Read More »

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