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May 29, 2024

For all water leaks at your South Yarra property

Our leak specialists are locals and ready to assist you today. South Yarra residents choose us for leak detection South Yarra properties with guaranteed leaks being found. Are you ready to find your hidden leak? Let’s get started!

If you own a home or business in South Yarra and suspect you have a water leak, you need the help of a leak detection specialist. Most water leaks that occur within the home are hidden from plain sight, making them impossible to find unless you have the right equipment, and the right skill set. At Austest Pipeline Solutions, we have both.

Water leaks from burst or dripping pipes can have detrimental effects on the internal structure of your home, especially when left undetected for a period. They can occur anywhere your water pipes run; behind walls, in your ceilings and underneath your floors, causing unseen damage, and detrimental health effects to you and your family. The sooner the leak is found by professional leak detectors, the less problems the water is likely to cause.

By the time visible signs of a hidden water leak begin to appear, such as water stains on the ceilings or walls, damp carpet and dark spots appearing on plaster, you might have a bigger problem on your hands. Stagnant water causes mould to grow on almost any surface, releasing toxic spores into the air that can cause dangerous health conditions (and worsen pre-existing conditions), including irritation to the skin, eyes and lungs.

The sooner you stop the leak, the better your family’s health will be. There is also the damage it can cause to the structure of your home from the inside out, and the costs of having it repaired. To avoid all these nightmare scenarios, the best thing to do is call in a professional water leak detection South Yarra specialist like Austest Pipeline Solutions, who can locate the leak safely and effectively, without damaging your home.

Find water leaks fast with South Yarra's trusted leak detection company

Our expert team of friendly professionals use the best leak detection technology and equipment in the industry. We can safely locate your water leak without cutting holes in your walls for no reason (as the average plumber might do). At Austest Pipeline Solutions we use thermal imaging cameras and acoustic sensors to find the source of the leak quickly, preventing further damage and dramatically reducing your repair costs.

For peace of mind and the safest leak detection service in the industry, contact Austest Pipeline Solutions today. With over 25 years’ experience we are the number one leak detection company in Melbourne.


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  • Site Inspection

    A member of our qualified staff will come out to your property to do a full site evaluation and detailed job report. This helps us provide the best technician and the right equipment for the job. We will arrange these appointments to suit your busy lifestyle.

  • Locating The Leak

    Our team of specialists use state of the art technology such as thermal imaging to see through your walls and floors, locating the leak at the source. Our non-invasive methods are the safest and fastest ways to find hidden leaks, no matter where they’re hiding.

  • Detecting The Cause

    Sometimes a leak is a sign of a bigger problem, which our team will identify to avoid further water leaks or burst pipes in the future.

If you suspect a leak at your property, contact our experts for an inspection today.

Get your leak found at your South Yarra home today

If you have a water leak or suspect that there is one on your South Yarra property, don’t hesitate to call the professional leak detection specialists at Austest Pipeline Solutions. We will arrange a consultation at your convenience and stop your water from leaking, before it becomes a renovation nightmare. Call today or visit us online.