CCTV Drainage Inspection in Melbourne

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At Aus-Test our advanced equipment allows us to give you the answer to your problem. Our team’s cutting edge CCTV sewer and drainage inspection services offer a fast and cost effective way of determining faults in your drainage system. Our colour pipeline inspection systems offer a complete closed-circuit camera survey configuration that includes the use of cameras, tractors, cable drums, and control systems with full video for effective pipe and sewer condition classification.

The versatility of the Aus-Test CCTV sewer inspection service makes us the ideal choice no matter what your drainage concern. In order to offer the best results, we pride ourselves on using state of the art equipment that offers reliable imaging. From the size range of the cameras to their shape and ease of mobility, we ensure efficient analysis that can be carried out almost anywhere.

CCTV sewer pipe drainage inspection and reporting can be performed in pipe sizes ranging from 25mm up. All of the systems Aus-Test use in their services have built in sonde locaters, which enables us to effectively locate PVC or other plasticised conduits and lines.

Drainage Inspection using the Latest in Reporting Technology

Aus-Test uses the latest in reporting technology to generate reports to suit our customer’s own special requirements. We want to ensure our customers are well informed when it comes to the results of our service and findings. Colour photographs provide you with a clear representation of the status and condition of your pipeline systems for assessment. All information can be burnt to DVD for future reference and to provide you with an easy-to-access form of document storage.

If you would like to learn more information on this service, or would like to request a quote from our team,please contact us today on 0410 609 961

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