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May 30, 2024

CCTV Drain Camera Inspections Leak Detection Cable & Pipe Locations.

At AusTest our advanced equipment allows us to give you the answer to your problem.


This acknowledgment applies to all our clients

I/We have engaged AusTest Pipeline Solutions Pty Ltd to locate underground or concealed pipes, cables and or services.

  1. I/We acknowledge that AusTest Pipeline Solutions Pty Ltd have provided no representation or warranty whether expressed or implied that their procedures are accurate or that the results will be conclusive.
  2. I/We acknowledge and confirm that no liability will attach AusTest Pipeline Solutions Pty Ltd or to employees, servants and/or agents in respect of any statement, opinion, error, act or omission made in connection with the carrying out of the detection/testing procedures or the compilation or any results or reports in relation thereto prior to commencing any works in which the detection/testing procedures have applied.
  3. I/We will ascertain from the owners or providers of any services located by AusTest Pipeline Solutions Pty Ltd , all relevant information as to the nature and extent of such services to avoid the possibility of damage or injury to the services or to any persons or property engaged in any proposed works.
  4. I/We hereby indemnify and will keep indemnified AusTest Pipeline Solutions Pty Ltd , its employees, servants and/or agents against any claims arising from works in which the detection/testing procedures have been applied.
  5. I/We acknowledege this Policy regarding Software reports supplied, all supplied media remains the property of AusTest Pipeline Solutions Pty Ltd until full payment of our invoice is received and cleared thru our bank account, non payment of invoice in full for any amount will withdraw your right to use or distribute the software in digital, electronic, paper or any other means, and all media (supplied or copied by others) must be returned within 7 days of our notice by email or post, any third parties involved will be contacted to return the media, Administration can be contacted at austest@hotmail.com

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