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April 21, 2024
slab heave detection

Slab Heave

Slab heave is typically caused by a shift in the foundation or slab of a house. Slab heave solutions are carried out by reinforcing the walls of your home to allow the structure to withstand the movements in the ground. Your home’s piping system should also be checked to avoid water leakage, burst pipes, and slab leaks.

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drain relining services

Drain Relining

Our drain relining services can help you locate and identify the cause of any type of leak. We use drain camera technology to inspect the damage and provide you a detailed report of our findings. Drain relining is a simple and cost-effective way of addressing drain plumbing issues.

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drain camera inspection services

Drain Camera Inspection

Drain camera inspections allow for a more accurate means of identifying the root cause of most drain blockages.

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blocked drain services

Blocked Drains

Our team of experts uses a wide range of methods and equipment to find the cause of your clogged drains.

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water leak detection services

Water Leak Detection

We offer comprehensive leak detection solutions from kitchen and bathroom leaks to slab leaks and burst pipes. We use non-destructive state-of-the-art technology to detect any leaks including acoustic methods and thermal imaging. These methods allow our licensed and trained professionals to detect leaks behind walls, under the concrete, and even above the ceiling.

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cctv reporting services

CCTV Reporting

By using CCTV inspection cameras, we are able to see closely the gravity of the damage in your pipes and what’s causing the drain leak. Seeing it closely through specialised CCTV cameras will help us create an accurate assessment and detailed report of our findings.

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backflow testing services

Backflow Testing

Backflow testing requires a plumber to check for any irregularities in your piping system. Preventing backflows will help you avoid running contaminated water in your house and can spoil an otherwise potable water supply. We are a registered and licensed company and specialize in performing the necessary maintenance on your backflow valves.

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thermal imaging

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is now one of the leading methods used by most plumbing companies. It helps professionals detect sources of water leaks as thermal cameras can detect and give us a reading of moisture levels on almost any surface — even if it’s behind the wall, under the floor, or even above the ceiling.

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cable pipe locating

Cable Pipe Locating

We offer cable and pipe locating services and specialise in a wide variety of areas like locating water pipes, gas pipes, electrical pipes, fuel systems, and drainage systems. Our team uses the latest pipe locating equipment to help you scan the area before you begin work on property excavation for various home projects.

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water meter testing

Water Meter Test

Water meter tests can help you confirm any suspicion of water leaks. And while it sounds simple and straightforward, there are several things you need to look out for when observing your water meter. We are experts in water meter testing and can help you monitor your water reading to help you make an informed decision when dealing with water leaks.

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smoke testing services

Smoke Testing

One way of detecting leaks, identifying blocked drains, or locating the source of a foul sewer odour, is the use of smoke testing. Smoke is let out and is forced through a piping system or a sewer line. Visible smoke will fill the main line and follow the path of the leak towards the surface.

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