Underground Pipe Leak Detection Services in Melbourne

Do you believe your property is experiencing a water leak problem? If you’re seeing a high water bill, or damp areas around your property, this is a major sign that you have a water leak problem on your hands. Our advanced equipment and experienced team can help to locate any type of pipe leak, whether it is at your Melbourne home or office.

Our team of Melbourne leak detectors are licensed and trained in the field of water leaks and specialise in water loss located in water mains, sewer drains, gravity fed stormwater drain systems or charged drainage systems. Our 20 years of experience in the industry, we are experienced in detecting all kinds of leaks, including water, sewer leaks and other hidden water leak problems Melbourne wide.

Underground Water Pipe Leak Detection Melbourne

Pipe Leak Detection & More

When it comes to residential water leak detection, we have several methods we use to inspect any leaks quickly and effectively to reach a solution rapidly.

Using acoustic methods to listen for noise in pressurised pipes, or tracer gas detection which is where we insert gas into your pipelines. is how we locate the leak in your drain pipes.

We also use loss analysis with advanced technology equipment to locate leaks on water mains and fire services. Using Thermal imaging and infrared cameras helps us detect leaks in balconies, hot water pipes, and subtle temperature readings that reveal moisture in the pipes.

Water leak detection requires different methods depending on many factors, such as the location of the leak and the depth of piping in the case of underground leak detection. Our highly trained team and expert experience can get the job done quickly and effectively. Although some plumbing problems can easily be fixed, other leaks are difficult to diagnose without the help of expertise, knowledge and professional leak detectors.

Most Trusted Water Leak Detection

We perform CCTV drain inspections to sewer and storm pipes to locate any leaks in these systems. Air and hydro water leak detector testing can also be performed to diagnose the underlying leak in your drainage system.

If you suspect a leak on your property, it is time to book our underground leak detection services so we can pinpoint the exact location for you and come to a resolution.

Some leaks can come from your gravity fed storm and sewer drains. If left unattended, they can cause severe damage to the foundations of your property. The symptoms of water leaking drains are normally noticed with internal or external cracking to walls, or windows and doors not opening or closing properly.

Inside Water Leaks in a Home or Building

Damp areas in your home or commercial building, high water bills, and the appearance of damp-loving pests like silverfish are just a few signs that the drain plumbing in your home or around your building is compromised.

Using a water meter test is one way to see if there is a leak in your water system. We also provide services for locating and repairing water leaks under concrete slabs, a common source of basement water leaks. Whether you need us to detect a water leak, a simple repair or to be fully replaced or relining is required, we’re here to help.

Leak Detection

Our trained staff uses state of the art equipment and systems to perform underground water leak detection to Melbourne homes and businesses. We can locate issues in a range of areas including:

  • Under concrete slabs
  • Under Bitumen roads
  • Concealed in walls
  • Drain, waste & sewer systems
  • Hydronic heating systems
  • Irrigation & sprinkler systems

Melbourne Plumbing Services

  • Trace water, sewer, electrical, cable and telephone and other communication lines
  • Provide cctv drain camera inspections on sewer, drain or any other pipe or conduit
  • Locate with the aid of sondes and traces any PVC or other plasticized line or conduit.

Water board & council services

  • AusTest CCTV Drain Inspections Pty Ltd is using state-of-the-art equipment including advanced correlation technology.
  • Trace water, electrical, sewer, telephone and cable and other communication lines
  • Perform CCTV camera inspections on sewers, drain or any other pipe or channel
  • Use sondes and traces to be able to locate any PVC or other plasticised line or pipe