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May 30, 2024

Can you see at leak at your Footscray property?

Our technicians are ready to find your leak. Being Footscray’s leading leak detection company, we’re here to serve you today!

If you own a home or commercial property in Footscray, and suspect you might have a hidden water leak, you need the assistance of an experienced leak detection specialist in Footscray. If your water bills just aren’t adding up, or your water pressure has changed drastically then chances are you have a leak somewhere on your property, and it has already begun its path of destruction.

Even the smallest water leaks can turn into a financial nightmare, with wood rot, mould and mildew eating away at the structural integrity and foundations of your home, potentially causing sickness to yourself and your pets. Dark, damp areas are the perfect breeding ground for toxic mould, which can lead to a range of medical conditions including nausea, headaches, eye infections, skin irritation, and can even exacerbate severe respiratory illnesses.

Finding any hidden leak quickly is vital, but not always easy. Water leaks are often hidden behind your walls, ceilings and under floors, making it difficult to find using traditional methods. At Austest Pipeline Solutions we use only the latest, and most advanced technology and training to locate your water leak fast. Our experienced and dedicated team will work around the clock to locate water leaks, no matter how hard they are to find. We use non-invasive, ground-breaking technology, that allows us to see through your walls and floors.

No more ripping up flooring and tearing apart the walls to hopefully stumble upon the problem pipe, Austest Pipeline Solutions are trained to get the job done with no mess and no fuss. Contact our expert tradespeople for a fast and effective solution today.

Advanced Leak Detection Specialist

The dedicated team at Austest have over 25 years’ experience in the plumbing industry. We combine expert training, dedicated customer care and state of the art equipment, to bring you the best and easiest, leak detection service in the industry.

Our team use the latest technology to quickly and successfully identify trouble spots. We incorporate thermal imaging, CCTV cameras, acoustic imaging, and infrared sensors, to allow us to see through solid structures, and pinpoint the exact location of the problem. No need for unsightly holes and expensive broken tiles. Austest can detect leaks big and small, even those hidden under concrete slabs, with minimal hard work and no stress to you.

Austest Pipeline Solutions have the experience, knowledge, equipment and skill to bring you the best and easiest, leak detection service in the industry. For more information and to book a quote, call our friendly and professional team today or visit us online.


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  • Site Inspection

    One of our expert site inspectors will attend your property as soon as required. We conduct a site inspection, and complete our job analysis, before assigning a leak detection technician to begin work.

  • Locating The Leak

    Our trained experts will quickly find any leaking and damaged pipes, using state of the art equipment (without ripping up the floor).

  • Detecting The Cause

    We can detect the cause and source of your water leak, to help save you time, and money on excess water costs.

If you suspect a leak at your property, contact our experts for an inspection today.

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At Austest Pipeline Solutions, our aim is to make your property as secure as it can be, from the detrimental effects of leaking water. Trust our dedicated team for all your water leak detection needs. Your satisfaction is our aim and our guarantee.

For more information on our leak detection services in Footscray and around Melbourne, browse our website, or give us a call today.