Detect water leakage

How to detect leakage in water pipelines?

Every day the water pipes in your home or office transport about 300 liters of water for every person in the building. A 3mm crack in one of these pipes can waste 900 liters of water in a day, besides also increasing your water bill and causing property damage. Our team, the Aus-Test Leak detectors of… Read More »

Water Lines Underground

How To Locate Water Lines and Pipes Underground

How to Find Water Lines Underground If a portion of your lawn has been looking a little swampy lately, or your basement has been smelling musty or sprouting mold, your underground water lines might be at fault. Since most water piping today is made from PVC or similar materials, a homemade underground pipe locator DIY’d… Read More »

Aus-test |water damage

Hacks to protect your home from water damage

Simple Ways to Prevent Costly Water Damage Even though water is essential, it has the potential to damage your property. Water damage is a major cause of property loss, weakening the foundation of your home and the pillars that hold your property together.     Make no mistake, even just a little water can be… Read More »

Aus-test | How to fix leaks

How water leaks in the home happen and how to fix them

The Principle Behind Leaks     A water leak on your property can cause your water bill to skyrocket if not detected and repaired in time. A single leak can result to thousands of litres of water wasted   Water leaks can occur anywhere in your water supply network and drainage system. But it’s in… Read More »

clear blocked drain

How to clear blocked drains, sink and toilet

How To Clear Blocked Drains – DIY   How to clear blocked drains? Whether it’s a small house or a big home with the whole family, kitchen and bathroom sinks can get clogged at any time. Considering the amount of waste that gets flushed down household pipes, it’s only understandable that residue will get trapped… Read More »

How to Detect and Repair Water Leakage in Concrete Slabs

How To Find and Repair Concrete Slabs That Leak   A slab leak is an industry term for a leak within the waterline piping below the concrete floor. Slab leaks are an issue in homes and buildings of all ages. A water leak under the floor can easily develop into a costly and inconvenient endeavour.… Read More »

Locating and Repairing Water Leaking Through Walls

How to Find and Remove Water Leaking Through Walls Learn how to locate the water leak through walls from checking your water in system and how to repair it. Also find out why cleaning the deposit moulds and moss from the leaking walls is important to be removed, here is the quick process to clean… Read More »

Aus-Test| House water leak

Water Leak Detection Equipment – DIY

How to Create Do-It-Yourself Water Leak Detection Equipment In Melbourne, just like anywhere else, water is a critical factor for existence and a life sustaining commodity that most people take for granted. Now more than ever, with the effect of global warming looming over us, water should not be wasted. Hence, every precaution should be… Read More »

Aus-Test| House water leak

5 Tips in Detecting a Water Leak in Your House

Tips in Detecting a House Water Leak If you have a water leak in your home, this could turn out to be a disastrous situation. It only takes a small leak to turn into a potentially serious one. One of the problems is that small leaks can go undetected for a lengthy period. During this… Read More »