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May 30, 2024
what is ctv inspection

In years gone by, finding solutions for blocked drains and pipes was pretty much a guessing game. A professional will take into account all the things that could possibly be causing the blockage through a suspected blockage in the pipe, and deduce what measures need to be taken from there in an attempt to unblock it. 

Today, a drain CCTV inspection is regarded as the perfect solution for finding problems within pipes and drains as a non-invasive approach. With this comprehensive underground system, the camera will give a 360-degree view of what is going on inside the plumbing pipe. 

The end result of utilising CCTV inspection can be broken down into the following: 

    • CCTV Inspection Offers Amazing Precision
    • Recorded Data That Can Be Shared 
    • Helps To Prevent Bigger Problems 
    • Avoid Costly Excavations 
    • Non-excessive and Efficient Solution 

To get a better idea of the benefits of CCTV drain cameras for blocked drains or what is CCTV inspection, let’s take a closer look below:

CCTV Inspection Offers Amazing Precision

Thanks to easy access for the camera, locating the problem is considered incredibly easy. Keeping the 360-degree angle in mind, nothing can hide from what the expert is seeing at the other end. Whether tree roots are burrowing into the pipe and blocking it, or if it is residual waste and debris, CCTV will clearly expose it. 

Compare this method to older tactics of finding the problem for blocked pipes and it makes sense why CCTV inspections are in high demand. The main reason for this is that once the problem has been detected, the best course of action can be taken. 

Recorded Data That Can Be Shared 

If there is more than one person involved with the pipe problem, the data collected from the inspection can be shared with others. For instance, renters can inform the owner of the building of the problem and provide proof at the same time. 

Helps To Prevent Bigger Problems 

Preventing damage to pipes or blockages is always better than having to fix them. A CCTV inspection is such a cost-effective service, it can be used to regularly check the condition of your drain pipe system. If debris is building up or there is damage to a section of the pipe, preventative action can be taken. This prevents bigger problems from surfacing down the line and costs substantially more to repair. 

Avoid Costly Excavations 

As mentioned in the introduction, when traditional tactics don’t work for unblocking drains and pipes, the only course of action was to dig. The reason why this can get costly is that nobody knows where to start. If the problem cannot be clearly pointed out initially, then digging can take a very long time. Not to mention, it can cause a lot of damage to your property. However, a CCTV inspection can save the property owner from excavating in the first place. Having the accuracy and precision tracking of a drain camera inspection, if digging is required, it will be quick and precise. 

Non-Excessive And Quick 

It doesn’t take very long for a CCTV camera to pick up any blockages. The CCTV output will also clearly show what the problem is and where to find it. There is no need to play any guessing games to locate the source of the problem, which means that the inspection happens incredibly quickly. 

Save Money, Time, And Frustration With Professional CCTV Inspection 

It is in the best interest of every home and business owner to utilise CCTV inspections before deciding on the best solution to their plumbing problems. In many cases, it is a small issue that can be sorted out without too much excavation required. 

What should I do next?

Whether you know where the water leak is coming from, it’s always important to confirm the leak by conducting a drain inspection with CCTV technology. This will not only save you time in the long run but it will be a cost effective solution. Prevent further damage today and get in touch with a water leak detection specialist for a free quote. Alternatively, you can leave an enquiry on our website.