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May 30, 2024
What Are CCTV Drain Inspections

What are CCTV drain inspections and how do they help? Let’s explore a little more in the article below.

Drain pipes help direct wastewater away from your home or commercial building. As an essential component in any building’s plumbing system, drains experience constant use, day in and day out.

Leaks or blockages along drain pipes usually lead to the production of foul odours and/or unnecessary flooding of wastewater within the building or home property.

Closed-circuit television drain inspections can be used to assess the condition of drain pipes and with it, help property owners identify and resolve any hidden leaks or blocked issues.

Have you ever been interested in what the below are? Let’s find out!

  • What Are CCTV Drain Inspections?
  • Why Camera Inspections Are Necessary?
  • How Are They Conducted?

What Are CCTV Drain Inspections?

Simply put, CCTV drain inspections employ the use of highly advanced cameras and other equipment to assess the condition of a property’s drain system.

The plumbing technician or leak detection specialist handling the drain inspection assesses the condition of the drainage system by viewing a live feed from the cameras inserted into the drain plumbing system.

Why Would You Need A CCTV Drain Inspection?

Most property owners/managers will not see the need to have a CCTV drain inspection until they encounter serious drainage issues.

While it is true that CCTV drain inspections can help uncover all sorts of sewer drain issues, it is important to note that this service is also useful as a preventative measure. This simply means that CCTV drain inspections can be conducted periodically to assess the condition of your drainage system.

This makes it possible for property owners to identify and resolve any issues in their infancy before they develop into serious problems. Homebuyers can also use CCTV drain inspections to assess the condition of a property’s drainage system.

This means they can get a good idea of whether any repairs are needed before they commit to buying a property.

CCTV Drain Inspection Gear

To conduct these inspections, plumbing technicians have to employ the use of a variety of specialised equipment, as described below.

  • Cameras that can survive uses in low visibility underwater applications.
  • All areas of the drainage system, including those that are hard to see, can be assessed visually using these high-performance waterproof cameras.
  • To push the cameras into place, through narrow drainpipes and tight bends, flexible access rods are used.
  • For added mobility even in the most restricted parts of your drainage system, remotely operated crawlers are also used in addition to the access rods described above.

CCTV Drain Inspection Process

The use of the advanced equipment mentioned above may seem to make the CCTV drain inspection process more complicated than it actually is; however, as you will discover in a bit, it is nothing but.

Once the drain inspection technician arrives at your property, they will ask you a few questions about the issue at hand to ensure that they have a clear mental picture of what they are dealing with.

They will then set up their drain camera equipment and access the drainage system from the most convenient location.

After pushing the cameras into the drainpipe, using the most suitable method, they will then proceed with the inspection of the entire drainage system by observing the live camera feed.

After the CCTV drainage inspection is complete, the technician will recommend an appropriate course of action depending on their findings.

As the client, you will choose when to act and schedule any repair work as soon as possible, or schedule another follow up at a later date if no pressing issues were discovered.

Closed Circuit Television drain inspections rely on the use of highly advanced technology to assess the condition of your drainage system.

This ensures that you get an accurate idea of whether immediate repairs are necessary to keep the drainage system ticking, and how urgently the work needs to be carried out.

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