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May 30, 2024
what type of drain cameras used

Drain cameras are invaluable tools in the plumbing business. Specially designed CCTV drain cameras help plumbing professionals conduct a visual inspection of underground pipes such as sewer lines, including pipes under your home’s foundation and under cement.

But what type of drain cameras are used for inspecting blocked drains? In this post, we explore why drain inspections can assist in helping you resolve your drainage issues.

How Do Drain Cameras Work?

The camera inspection is done by inserting a rod with a high-resolution camera on its tip into the plumbing pipe that’s experiencing the blockage. The cameras are flexible, which allows them to travel through twists and turns within the pipes and thoroughly examine them.

The footage is transmitted in real-time to the plumbing technician, so the condition inside your drain and sewer lines can be determined instantly. You can view any problems directly on a monitor and footage can be saved for future reference. It’s important to understand how CCTV drain cameras work and its benefits in resolving plumbing issues.

The following are the most common types of cameras used to inspect blocked drains.

1. Hand-held Camera

The most common type of camera used for inspecting blocked drains is the hand-held camera. The design of the camera is such that the user holds it in their hand while the camera cable is inserted into the area to be investigated.

The hand-held drain inspection camera is usually cordless to allow portability when in use. It means that you can move and use it anywhere you please. It is lightweight, which means that you can easily carry it around or even hold it for extended periods of time.

2. Reel Inspection Camera

The reel inspection camera differs from the hand-held model since it has a long cable with a camera head at its end. However, it does not have a screen. The cable is connected to a compatible monitor such as a laptop, video recorder, etc. It allows the user to see footage captured by the camera in real-time much the same way as a hand-held model.

The lack of a monitor might seem like a disadvantage for the reel inspection camera. However, there’s also a key advantage to this type compared with the hand-held model, which is the cable length. The reel inspection camera has a considerably longer cable that allows the camera to reach greater distances.

The reel inspection camera is ideal for inspecting long plumbing pipes, drains, and gutters as it can reach further into the pipe than the hand-held model can.

3. Waterproof Inspection Camera

The waterproof inspection camera is designed with a cable and camera head that’s capable of withstanding being submerged in water or other types of liquid. To determine the level of protection the camera has against liquids, it is always advisable to check its I.P. rating. 

Both reel inspection and hand-held inspection cameras have waterproof models available. Waterproof inspection cameras are ideal for inspecting any type of water pipe such as a drain, sewer, sink, or toilet. 

They are often used to check for cracks and blockages since they help determine the extent of the damage without causing any further damage. This helps save a lot of money and time when working with water pipes, which makes them very useful to have.

Call a Plumber Who Use CCTV Drain Cameras

The cameras used for inspecting blocked drains or sewer lines are the hand-held model, the reel inspection model, and the waterproof model. A sewer line or drain pipe video inspection ensures that your sewer line and drain pipes are free of defects or problems that may lead to expensive repairs later on. 

Drian and sewer camera inspections are recommended whenever you experience repeated drain or sewer line backups, clogs, or slow drainage. Unexpectedly high water bills can be indicative of a leak in the sewer line that can also be identified with a sewer line video inspection.

If you are looking for a trustworthy drain camera technician who knows what type of drain cameras to use to inspect your plumbing then Austest Pipeline Solutions has you covered. Prevent further damage to your drain system today by getting in touch with our specialist team.