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May 30, 2024
plumbing companies detect water leaks

Water leaks can happen at any time but their location isn’t always so easy to locate. In some cases, the water damage may be apparent but the actual leak is nowhere to be seen. This is when plumbing companies can detect water leaks by using several methods to find the original source of the leak.

By using these solutions, they are able to pinpoint exactly where the leak is, how bad the damage may be, and what’s required moving forward. Below we explore more about what plumbing companies do when it is time to detect hidden water leaks. 

Detailed Leak Inspections

The first thing a plumber will do is analyse the situation and see how the water leak is behaving. This can include running an eye over the water damage, understanding where the water is running, and finding out what leak detection method to use to find the origin of the leak.

Each step is an integral part of the process and has to be managed by a professional. The inspection encompasses a multitude of steps to ensure everything is covered in detail. The plumber will go through a traditional examination with nothing more than the eye test before bringing out the specialised tools. This is done to make sure everything is assessed manually before automated solutions are put to the test.

Contemporary Tools 

In this day and age, a number of industry equipment and tools have entered the market and that has made things much easier for our technicians. Anyone who is looking to hire a professional leak detection plumber will notice the application of these tools for finding water leaks underground or within walls and ceilings.

These tools may include:

  • Camera inspection tools
  • Acoustic leak detection
  • Thermal imaging equipment

In most cases, a variety of tools will be utilised in order to make sure every potential leak is spotted immediately. For leak detection, the goal remains on making sure the leak is spotted as soon as possible. It’s essential to understand where the water is seeping from with the help of these advanced tools.

Application of Prior Knowledge

With years of expertise, plumbers in Melbourne will always incorporate their own knowledge into the overall leak detection process. This knowledge comes with understanding what the property may be dealing with and what specific water damage is visible. This is why it’s important to call in specialists, not just generalists that have been doing this for years and have a feel for leak detection processes. 

Licensed technicians in this field will be able to come in and get down to work as soon as possible without wasting a second. Having these experts around can tap into prior knowledge which is an incredible advantage and something all plumbing companies use.

Infrared Technology 

Plumbers will often apply a number of modern-day solutions to help detect leaks. It’s all about understanding where to look and how to maximise the technology’s potential. Enlisting the use of thermal infrared technology, the emphasis is on temperature-based irregularities. 

How it works, the sensor is able to pick up on temperature drops, which can start to indicate a leakage behind concrete, walls, ceilings or any other heavy-duty barrier. When this technology is used, it can provide an impressive peek behind the barrier with nothing more than the tool in hand. This is why more and more plumbers keep infrared sensors or thermal imaging equipment on standby when it comes to water leak detection. 

Detect Water Leaks Today

Water leaks aren’t always easy to spot and that’s why experienced plumbing companies or leak specialists are called in. Having the help of licensed technicians will save you time and money in finding the leak right away. 

It’s important to understand what’s going on and that’s where modern-day technology plays a helping hand. It’s a great way to recognise issues and correct them in a timely manner. 

As time goes on, plumbing companies are pouring through these advancements and incorporating them into their routines. There’s real value in using these tools and that’s what makes leak detection easier than ever before.

Do you suspect having a water leak at your property? After learning how we detect water leaks, give us a call today to learn more or have us check an existing leak at your property.