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April 21, 2024
How CCTV Drain Camera Works

Have you ever wondered how a CCTV drain camera actually works? CCTV drain cameras are one of the newest innovations that have greatly improved the landscape of the plumbing industry. 

If you want to learn more about how a CCTV drain camera actually works and what benefits they can offer you, then keep on reading!

A drain camera inspection is regarded as one of the most innovative ways to inspect drainpipes and diagnose any issues without the hassles that traditional excavation methods entail.

As such, CCTV drain cameras are designed to be specialised units of technology that help get the job done quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

What Is A CCTV Drain Camera?

A Closed Circuit Television drain camera, or a CCTV drain camera for short, is a diagnostic device that is used to visually inspect drainage systems without digging or excavation efforts.

They are primarily composed of the following components:

1). Waterproof cameras. Of course, this is the main component of a CCTV drain camera. Pipes continuously have water running through them, and so the CCTV drain camera must be designed to withstand these conditions and be susceptible to any possible water damage. 

2). Access rods. Access rods are flexible rods that CCTV drain cameras use to navigate their way through the pipes. 

3). Crawlers. Crawlers are remote-operated and allow you to control the CCTV drain cameras as it makes its way throughout the drains.

4). Sonar units. Sonar units offer acoustic profiling which is especially helpful for pipes that are filled or so blocked that they cannot be viewed visually.

CCTV drain cameras are also equipped with high-intensity lights so that the plumber or technician will be able to clearly see what is going on within the pipes.

CCTV drain cameras help identify specific problem points in your pipes by communicating real-time newsfeed to the plumber or technician.

They can see exactly what the CCTV drain camera can see as it navigates its way through the drain pipe.

With this real-time news feed, plumbers can clearly diagnose plumbing issues such as misalignment, blockages, collapsed drains, tree root ingress, animal invasion, leaks, and much more. 

How CCTV Drain Camera Works camera head

The Benefits Of Using A CCTV Drain Camera For Inspection

The benefits of carrying out a CCTV drainage survey are unparalleled compared to traditional methods of pipe and drainage inspections. Here are a few of the advantages that they can offer you:

1). Non-Invasive and Environmentally-Friendly

CCTV drain cameras do not need to be installed through excavation methods. Using the access rods, CCTV drain cameras are simply inserted from an entry point.

This eliminates any need for a landscape or environmental disruption that digging up a pipe and inspecting it would have. 

2). Cost-Effective

Because you won’t be paying for extra costs of landscape disruption and construction, using CCTV drain cameras are much more cost-effective.

You won’t need to excavate the whole length of a pipe; actually, you won’t need to be excavating at all!

3). Accurate

CCTV drain cameras can provide an accurate diagnosis of any plumbing problem. As it is designed to record things and transmit them in real-time, plumbers will be able to get a clever visual of the issue at hand.

They can identify where the issues are, the cause of the issue, and what prevention methods can be taken to prevent issues like this from occurring in the future.

In addition to this, traditional methods of digging up pipes to identify plumbing problems require a lot of trial-and-error in diagnosing the issue.

Oftentimes, you would have to keep digging until you can actually find the problem point.

As such, CCTV drain cameras are more accurate because they can visualise the whole pipe from the inside without trial-and-error hassles. 

4). Time-Effective

With CCTV drain cameras, you can get results quickly in comparison to traditional methods of pipe inspection. Moreover, you won’t have to deal with the long process of digging up pipes! 

Traditional methods of digging up pipes to identify plumbing problems require a lot of trial-and-error in diagnosing the issue. This can all be avoided by conducting a CCTV inspection.

Final Thoughts

Investing in a CCTV drainage camera inspection will ensure that your drains are not only well-maintained but are functioning to the optimum capacity.

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