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April 20, 2024
CCTV Drainage Camera Inspection

When it comes to drain maintenance, we often employ the thought of “out of sight, out of mind.”

However, it is important to ensure that drains are well-maintained by conducting regular check-ups to make sure they are clean and clear of any disruptive debris or structural defects. 

Over the years, there have been many techniques and practices used to carry out drain maintenance and inspection more efficiently.

One example of this is by making use of a CCTV drainage camera inspection, a more in-depth drain inspection process. 

What Is A CCTV Drainage Survey?

A CCTV drainage camera survey allows you to remotely monitor your drains with the use of a high-tech camera system.

This system captures video footage that can be sent as a live-feed to provide more helpful information about the condition of your drains. These pieces of information can include things such as:

1). A detailed map of the entire drainage system

2). Lengths of the drains or pipes

3). Directions and rates of flows along the pipes

4). Locations or areas of pipe defects, which is visually documented through the high-tech camera

5). Pipe falls 

CCTV drainage camera inspections are also capable of carrying out other, more specific techniques such as GPS surveys, 3D mapping, and topographical surveys.

Drainage survey data is usually compiled into a survey report that can take the form of an online document.

Advanced CCTV drainage camera inspections also have software that is carefully fashioned to allow data to be collated efficiently and quickly.

CCTV drainage survey systems can be used for a variety of drains such as underground drains, culverts, and sewers.

However, they can also be used to survey pipes and drains above the ground such as rainwater downpipes, vertical chutes, storage tanks, ducting systems, and more. 

CCTV drainage camera inspections are specially designed to detect different kinds of situations, defects, and irregularities. These include the following:

1). Collapsed drains

2). Blockages

3). Corrosion or structural defects

4). Leaks or bursts (along with their severity)

5). Animal intrusion 

6). Minor and major tree root ingress

7). Misalignments or joint displacements 

What Do CCTV Drainage Survey Systems Consist Of?

CCTV drainage survey systems are high-tech and as such are composed of different kinds of equipment. These types of equipment are the following:

1). Waterproof cameras. As pipes and drains are tight, and confined spaces that have continuously flowing water running through it, it is important that the CCTV cameras are capable of operating under these conditions. They also offer you a clear vision of what is happening in your drains, making sure that it captures a comprehensive view of your drains.

2). Access rods. These highly flexible rods act as navigation tools for the CCTV cameras, allowing them to be mobile and move through the pipes and drains. 

3). Crawlers. Crawlers are remote-operated and allow you to easily navigate sewer systems with ease. 

4). Sonar units. These are handy tools especially for filled pipes because they offer acoustic profiling in areas that cannot be visually viewed.

What Are The Benefits Of CCTV Drainage Camera Inspections?

There are many benefits that a CCTV drainage camera inspections can offer you including the following:

1). They eliminate dangerous data collection by eliminating the need for individuals to enter confined and hazardous spaces.

2). They can be used to identify drainage problems such as blockages or irregular flow rates.

3). They help contribute to Planned Preventive Maintenace (PPM) programs so that asset owners may avoid possibilities of drain and pipe failures and damages.

4). They can help provide support in pipe repairs, rehabilitation, and replacements. 

5). They identify drain connectivity which can be very useful for construction projects that are designing new drainage systems. 

So, while CCTV drainage surveys are capable of identifying problems such as leaks and corrosion, they can also offer you benefits for future projects along with added preparation and anticipation for worst-case scenarios based on the condition of your drains. 

Final Thoughts

It is important to regularly investigate the condition of your drains to ensure that they are not undergoing any minor difficulties that could possibly develop into major complications. 

As such, investing in a CCTV drainage camera inspection will ensure that your drains are not only well-maintained but safely and efficiently secured and monitored in the long run.

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