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Advantages Drain Relining

Are your drains at home broken or leaking? Do you wonder whether you should reline your pipes or replace them completely?

Well, wonder no more, because we’ve got you covered! We’re here to tell you why you should seriously consider drain relining.

What Is Drain Lining?

Before we discuss the advantages of drain pipe relining, we want to make sure that you understand what it actually is. 

Drain relining is an innovative method to repair worn-out pipes that are tricky to access and have structural defects such as cracks, misalignments, and sags. 

This is considered to be more advantageous than the traditional method of pipe replacement because it eliminates a considerable amount of different inconveniences such as infrastructure replacement and landscape restoration. 

When Can I Pursue Pipe Relining?

Drain relining has several advantages but can only be used in certain situations. For example, if your pipes:

  • Are suffering from severe damage like being crushed from tree roots
  • Are displaced or misaligned
  • Has sags and backfalls that contain water

With these examples, pipe relining may not be able to fix these problems. However, drain pipe relining has been specially designed to fix many other situations where worn-out pipes are suffering from structural defects. 

Advantages of Pipe Relining

There are plenty of advantages with pipe relining that is especially beneficial in terms of the long-term future. Listed below are some pertinent examples: 

1). Minimal Landscape Disruption

This is one of the main advantages of drain relining because if you replace pipes entirely, you need to carry out excavation which can destroy your garden and create more inconveniences.

There is nothing worse than having to dig up the ground and restore it back to its original state, removing plant covers and having to replace them, and destroying concrete and pavements which are hard to restore.

By opting to reline your pipe, you can save yourself all of those troubles.

Drain pipe relining serves as the much more convenient alternative as you don’t have to rehabilitate the work area and you can be more environmentally-friendly in the process. 

2). Cost-Effective 

Because pipe relining does not require large scale excavation like pipe replacements, you can save much more money because of the reduced job duration (lesser labour costs) and equipment expenses.

Moreover, the most important expense you will be eliminating is the infrastructure replacement expense because you will not be destroying gardens, concrete pavements, and other types of infrastructure.

3). Faster To Accomplish

Pipe relining does not take a long time to complete and install. They can take a few days at most depending on the size of the project or job in question.

There are also different types of express offers and options for emergency cases to help speed up the pipe relining process.

4). Enhanced Durability

Relining your drain pipes helps enhance their durability and helps strengthen their structural integrity.

This means that they become resistant to forces from things like tree roots and ensures that this durability is even throughout the whole pipe by strengthening weak links and spots.

5). Increased Longevity

With enhanced durability comes increased longevity. Relined pipes can last for more than 20 years, which definitely makes your purchase a worthy investment.

6). Effective Preventive Measure

Relining your drain pipes also prepares for the possibility of future structural damage threats.

For example, relined pipes are specially sealed to prevent moisture from leaking out of the pipe and from water entering the pipe. 

Relined pipes have already been made more durable and stronger so they can resist normal threats like tree roots, which is an important anticipation factor to consider for your pipes. 


Though relining drain pipes is not exactly ideal for severely damaged pipes, this method of pipe reparation is not a bandaid solution. 

Unlike pipe replacement, pipe relining will not require extra labour, infrastructure replacement, and restoration expenses. It is also faster to complete, which means you can save both time and money.

Moreover, with pipe relining you can help increase the longevity and durability of your pipes. As a bonus, you are also helping out the environment by not displacing plants and trees and ruining soil integrity and conditions. 

Therefore, it is important to understand that this method is an investment that you will definitely get the best from in the future years to come. 

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Do Need Be Licensed To Perform Drain Camera Inspection?

Do you have a blocked drain that needs to be cleared? Are you looking for a professional drain camera inspection service?

If so, then it’s important that you keep reading below.

Drain camera inspection services come in handy when the sewer system unexpectedly malfunctions at home.

Unless the professional plumbing service can see what the problem is, they cannot come up with the right solution to fix the problem.

That’s where drain camera inspection comes in handy. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the following:

  • What Is A Drain Camera Inspection?
  • How To Perform A Drain Camera Inspection?
  • Do You Need To Be Licensed To Perform A Drain Camera Inspection?

What Is A Drain Camera Inspection?

A pipeline camera inspection is important if a homeowner has constant backups, root intrusions, and blockages.

When you have a sewer line under the ground, you cannot tell the actual condition of the system unless you dig up the area.

Leaving sewer backup problems unchecked can cause major damage to your home. That’s where pipeline inspection is imperative.

This service will also help to get an accurate estimate for repairs or epoxy drain lining needs.

A drain camera inspection will offer an in-depth view of the drain lines in your home.

It will show areas of deterioration, low spots, breaks, cracks, root intrusions or other possible problems that may restrict the flow.

It may save you time and money by showing that all you require is a good cleaning – which could be easily accomplished by hydro jetting.

That’s why you need to rely on a professional drain camera inspection service when you have a sewer blockage in your home.

How To Perform A Drain Camera Inspection?

Drain camera inspection should be performed by a professional who has extensive experience in the industry.

The first step of the process is finding access. Access could be through roof vents, toilet flanges or cleanouts.

The professional will perform a visual inspection of your property looking for an appropriate access point.

Most of the time, cleanouts could be buried underground and need to be identified via pipeline inspection cameras.

Every home should have a proper plumbers cleanout that is usually located at the end of the line. They are often located in garages.

During the camera inspection, the professional plumber will make sure that the proper footage counter is used and actively note any potential problems.

The professional will locate the exact footage to save repair costs in the process.

The plumbing technician will use the camera from different access points to fully view all the aspects of the drain line.

The camera inspection will specify the kind of pipe in the ground and whether a section of that pipe has been repaired or replaced at any point in time.

Do You Need To Be Licensed To Perform A Drain Camera Inspection?

Camera inspections are better performed by licensed plumbing contractor – especially when there is an issue with the sewer system on the city side.

Such a contractor needs to submit a “plumbers report” for the city officials to investigate and perform the necessary repairs.

You should always rely on a drain inspection service instead of a regular plumbing service for the job.

They are the best people to identify the issue and recommend appropriate repairs.

With a host of drain inspection services operating in Melbourne, finding the right service provider isn’t easy.

There are many factors to look for when choosing the best drain camera inspection service.

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Prevent Problems With Water Drainage

Water drainage problems can create a variety of problems and have many causes.

So what measures can be taken to avoid a drainage problem from occurring in the first place?

Identifying the cause of the problem is critical to finding the best solution and preventing problems from occurring in the future.

Some common causes of blocked drains include:

  • A build-up of grease, grime, soap scum or calcification in the water pipes.
  • An unknown object that has become trapped in the pipe.
  • Tree roots that have grown into the outdoor pipes preventing effective drainage.
  • Damage to the drainage pipes or pipelining.
  • Heavy rainfall resulting in the inability of pipes to drain.

In order to prevent these problems from occurring, do the following:

1. Clean Drains Regularly

To prevent grease, grime and soap scum from building up inside the drainage pipes, clean drains regularly.

Simply pouring a solution of lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda down the drain every day will resolve grease as well as soap scum.

Alternatively, use a chemical drain cleaner about once every two weeks to resolve any build-up.

2. Calcification

Calcification normally occurs in areas with hard water or high concentrations of lime or calcium.

As the water runs through the pipes, a hard, white residue can build up in the pipes resulting in poor drainage and eventually blockages.

Use a water softener to prevent calcification in drainage pipes or a water filter that reduces or eliminates lime and other minerals that can cause a blockage.

3. Tree Roots

It is important to be aware of where the drainage pipes are located in the yard. Avoid planting trees or shrubs near these pipes.

Tree roots will grow towards the pipes as a source of water so it is best to select trees that do not have an extensive root structure.

If trees are growing too large and may be creating a risk of blocking drainage pipes, it is recommended to have the trees removed.

This is crucial if a specific tree has caused a blockage in the drainage pipe in the past.

Call for drain inspection in order to determine where the pipes are located and whether tree roots may be a threat.

4. Heavy Rainfall

Heavy rainfall can result in poor water drainage.

If there are wet patches in the yard or puddles and pools of water, this means that there is poor drainage and that heavy rainfall can affect drainage of water through the pipe system.

Employing tactics such as digging a drainage ditch or adding stones and gravel to heavy clay soils can assist in better water drainage.

5. Foreign Objects

Foreign objects that get washed into the drainage pipe can reduce the flow of water as well as result in a blockage.

That particular object may catch and trap other smaller debris that gets washed down the drain and would normally be washed away without any effort.

Avoid washing even the smallest object down the drain and call for a drain inspection if there is any concern that a foreign object has been trapped in a drainage pipe.

Cameras will be used to locate the foreign object so that it can be removed and restore normal water drainage.

Drain inspections are critical to identifying the causes of poor drainage and to provide the most effective solution to the problem.

However, prevention is always better than cure and using the above methods to prevent a blockage from occurring in the first place is recommended.

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Benefits CCTV Camera Inspections Drain Pipes

Are the drain pipes in your house blocked? Have you seen a damp spot in and around your house?

Or, are you interested in purchasing a new house and would like to have the drainage system inspected before you close the deal?

Put your mind at ease by getting a CCTV inspection of your drain pipes; this will help you uncover any issues and have them fixed as soon as possible.

CCTV pipe inspection simply involves the use of highly advanced versatile and intelligent closed-circuit television systems deployed underground – in buried piping – to inspect the physical condition of drain pipes with the aim of identifying the type and location of any existing or developing damage or obstruction.

This highly advanced technology is associated with a variety of important benefits as listed below.


When it comes to unearthing any issues hidden within your home’s drainage pipes, nothing beats the effectiveness of CCTV camera inspections.

With this technology, any and all imperfections and damage within the structure of the drain pipe can be located and inspected visually with ease.

The cameras that are used send a crystal clear image of the damage or objects causing the blockage making it easier for contractors and plumbing experts to identify the most suitable solutions.


In addition to effectively identifying the problem, you are facing with your drains, CCTV camera inspections are also very accurate.

The technology used not only accurately identifies the nature of the problem at hand, whether it is a tree root that has broken through your drain pipes or an accumulation of toiletries or any other debris causing a blockage, and its specific location along the drain pipe.

This level of accuracy eliminates the need for any trial and error when it comes to fixing the problem at hand.


As previously mentioned, CCTV camera drain inspections rely on the use of cameras to inspect the condition of drainage systems.

To visually inspect your home’s drainage system, there is no need to dig up buried drain pipes with this type of solution.

This not only saves homeowners and potential property buyers a lot of problems – associated with excavation activities – but also helps maintain the environment in its current state.


Using CCTV cameras to inspect buried drain pipes is both time and cost-efficient.

Problematic drainage pipes can wreak havoc in your home by interrupting the proper drainage of wastewater from your property.

To fix the problem at hand, and with it get your life back on track, it is important that you find a swift solution.

CCTV camera drain inspections help identify the problem that is causing you headaches easily and fast without the need for time-consuming excavation activities.

Furthermore, by eliminating the need to dig through your property in search of the problem, this solution helps homeowners save a lot of money as well.


Your home’s drainage system plays an important role in directing wastewater away from the house.

Broken, damaged or blocked drainage pipes can cause a lot of damage in and around your home, in addition to interrupting your normal everyday routine.

However, identifying the problem areas and fixing them tends to be quite challenging given the fact that drain pipes are often buried underground, beneath layers of soil or concrete or both.

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