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May 30, 2024
detect shower leak behind the wall

Upkeep is a necessary component of house ownership. These obligations increase if your house is older. You may not have realised how much labour it required when you purchased your home.

Shower leaks behind the wall might cause long-lasting damage to your walls and an astronomical water bill if they are one of your issues. Therefore, you need to understand how to detect a shower leak and fix it immediately before it becomes a costly disaster.

What Are the Obvious Signs of a Hidden Shower Leak?

Visible shower leaks are usually the ones that are easiest to repair. The true danger comes from leaks that you can’t see. Frequently, you don’t even notice an issue until it causes harm. If you are experiencing these water leak problems, you need to know how to identify and resolve leakage issues.

It can be complicated to locate a hidden shower leak behind walls. Your investigative abilities will be very useful in these situations. An interior leak may not be visible, yet its proof will be there.

  • If you have an underground level and a first-floor shower, you can see water dropping from the ceiling onto the basement floor.
  • Water stains are among the most distinctive signs of a shower leak. More importantly, water stains indicate a hidden leak.
    • For instance, if you have an upstairs bathroom, you could see dried water streaks on the ceiling below the shower. Shower valve leaks are often quite sluggish. Typically, these are pinhole leaks because of a defective valve or shoddy soldering at the contact points.
  • Homeowners don’t always have access to the shower valve from the rear in older houses. Therefore, front-side access is essential for many homeowners.
    • However, the best way to determine if your shower is leaking behind the wall is to see the valve and surrounding pipes when the water is turned on.
  • Watch for any indications of water leakage while the shower is running. You have discovered your source if you see water dripping down the edges of the pipes. Sometimes there are just small leaks.
    • You may need your flashlight and mirror for water leak detection and to check for little water droplets accumulating around the water pipe connections.

What Are the Main Dangers of Water Leaks in Your Shower?

The dangers of shower leaks could be devastating to your budget. Your property might suffer significant damage from a shower leak behind the wall, particularly if it remains unnoticed for a long time.

Most plumbing lines are often mounted behind walls to fit shower faucets properly. Therefore, even a little leak that spills two to three droplets of water per minute might result in significant harm if it is not discovered for many weeks or months.

Most homeowners have said that water generally reaches extremely porous surfaces due to shower leaks. In addition to significant mould issues that might be dangerous to your health, the wooden structure behind the wall is weaker.

Large portions of drywall may need to be removed and replaced as part of a mould remediation project. This may cost hundreds or even thousands of your hard-earned dollars. So, a hidden shower leak can result in costly repairs and restoration demands.

How Can You Fix a Shower Leak?

Identifying a problem and then tracking it back to its source is the first step in locating a hidden leak behind your shower wall. Sometimes there won’t be a definitive link, so that it will need some research and effort. You may not even be aware that a leak is happening if it isn’t significant or ongoing. It’s always worthwhile to take a closer look if you have doubts.

However, the art of shower leak detection is further accompanied by resolution. It is more difficult to stop shower leaks behind walls by fixing a leaky shower valve. The water enters the showerhead valve when it is turned on, mixing to the appropriate temperature.

You might have to completely turn off the water to the valve and also replace the faulty cartridge if the valve is dripping from the valve plate. If the water leak source is the valve body, the valve must be removed and replaced. You may avoid paying high repair costs and save money on water by fixing shower leaks behind the wall. A leaky shower valve may need professional plumbing assistance if you lack the necessary skills.

Hire the Right Plumbing and Leak Specialist

You should take prompt action if you detect a shower leak in your house that is spreading behind the walls to prevent having to pay more to fix any potential collateral damage. Getting a qualified plumber or leak detection company as soon as possible is critical to stop the leak from spreading to other rooms. Additionally, if you have the necessary expertise, you may remedy the leak on your own. In any case, finding a quick solution is essential.

If you suspect you have a shower leak in your bathroom, please give Austest Pipeline Solutions a call today on 1800 532 533 or send an enquiry on our website.