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May 30, 2024
detect leaks with smoke test detection

Even the smallest plumbing leaks may be expensive. Your water bill’s rise is just the beginning of the problem. Your walls, floors, ceiling, and fixtures will get wet as a result of plumbing leaks, and this will eventually lead to costly repairs.

Mold may develop quickly in an atmosphere produced by leaks. In the worst circumstances, gasses that are poisonous or combustible may penetrate your house as a result of plumbing leaks that are linked to sewage outlets. This is where you can use smoke testing for identifying and addressing leaks.

How Does Smoke Test Detection Work?

Smoke testing is a simple method for locating leaks that allow storm/surface water infiltration. Simple smoke testing for leaks involves blowing significant amounts of smoke and air into sewage pipes. In a reverse-to-the-surface pattern, the smoke follows the course of the encroaching water, quickly identifying the problem’s origin. Smoke follows the route of least resistance, swiftly locating inflow points.

During a smoke leak detection, plumbers use just enough power to drive a completely harmless, non-toxic smoke through the piping system to overcome air pressure. This makes it possible for the smoke to eventually escape via any holes, breaks, or other openings in your system. Compared to other approaches, administering the test is less time- and labour-intensive. Plumbers then search for smoke leaving in unexpected places to find the cause of your issue.

What Are the Core Benefits of Smoke Test for Leak Detection?

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Detecting leaks in HVAC systems, roofs, windows, doors, drain systems, and sewage lines is straightforward using smoke testing. Plumbers can examine the damage to your house or water line and undertake repairs by finding leaks in the pipes. Smoke testing can detect your water pipes or sewage lines if you have an older system and house and are unclear of their location. The main advantages of employing smoke testing in leak detection are listed below:

The Reliability Factor

For over a century, gas and water leak repair concerns have been found using piping smoke tests. Smoke testing is still primarily regarded as the most reliable method of checking for plumbing leaks, even though many technological advancements have encouraged the development of other leak detection techniques to enlist.

Smoke will follow an odour everywhere it can. Smoke test detection may quickly identify sources and causes of leaks that would otherwise take days to discover. Plumbing smoke tests identify damaged or cracked pipes, leaks, poor connections, insufficient venting, open pipes or couplings, and dry traps without any problems.

No Interruptions or Inconveniences

The drain does not need to be stopped or covered up during the testing procedure, which is a huge benefit. Therefore, plumbers will do everything in accordance with standard usage. A sewage system does not need to be shut down during a smoke test for leak detection.

If the drain is indeed stopped, you must take action immediately. Therefore, a thorough smoke test can identify leak sources, and you can effectively unclog blocked drains.

Most significantly, employing smoke to find leaks doesn’t need any physical contact. The smoke gets into difficult-to-reach areas instead of employing methods that need water or air pressure or manually sifting through your pipe system to discover the problem. You need to wait for it to locate the leak, as it will handle all the work.


A plumbing smoke test is the most effective and cost-effective way to check for gas and water line leaks, cracks, or breaks in houses. The best way to find plumbing leaks is by doing plumbing smoke tests.

Experts in plumbing repairs are able to set up equipment swiftly to fix issues with any water leaks. So, you can enjoy cost-efficiency and time efficiency without sacrificing testing quality

Using smoke to find leaks is far less expensive than alternative methods that depend on air or water pressure. This is due to the machine’s smaller size, lower cost, and more straightforward design. Setting up takes little time and effort, so it costs you less overall.

Get Smoke Leak Detection Today

As a result of rainfall entering the sewage system during times of heavy rain, sewer systems may become slow. You may save a ton of money by employing smoke testing instead of pricey inspections or a utility finder to determine how and where the water has gotten into the system. Smoke testing is a method that plumbers use to find water and gas leaks, but you may also use it to find “lost” utility holes before a problem arises.

Therefore, you can use a smoke test for leak detection to save yourself from costly repairs and renovations down the line. Moreover, you can also use smoke testing while installing new plumbing to see if there are any issues. You can easily save big on time and money with plumbing smoke tests.

If you suspect you have a water leak or a burst pipe underground then give Austest Pipeline Solutions a call or send an online enquiry today for a call back from one of our technicians. To prevent further damage we can identify the leak using our smoke test equipment and locate the cause right away.