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June 17, 2024
why water leaks can be dangerous in homes

A water leak in your home is an invisible ticking time bomb. Having an undetected leak in your pipes is one of the most damaging and often expensive things that could happen to homeowners and should be seen to by a professional as soon as a leak is suspected. The location and detection of the leak are imperative to saving thousands of dollars on repairs.

The most effective method of finding hidden leaks is to use thermal imaging devices which capture heat signals and transform them into images. These state-of-the-art devices can literally see right through your walls, instead of having to break them down to find the problem. Get in touch with any water leak detection company for more information on their techniques and learn about the range of hi-tech gadgets used.

Common Causes of Water Leakage

  • Old Pipes– The number one cause of water leaks in homes is aged pipes. Old pipes are prone to cracking and breaking apart. Tree roots will seek out these cracks and invade your pipelines, causing even more damage.
  • Corroded Steel – Steel eventually wears down after time and collapses, causing severe structural damage and poses dangers in many forms.
  • High Water Pressure – You may love a good strong shower, but your pipes don’t. The excess pressure builds up over a period and can break apart pipes that aren’t built for such force.

Why Are Water Leaks Dangerous?

There are many reasons to worry if you suspect a leak in your pipes, not just the increased water bill. Water leaks are not only dangerous to your bank account but can also cause diabolical health issues for you and your family. But what are some of those dangers?

  • Structural Damage – Water weakens the very foundations of your home causing bowed walls, sagging floors and ceilings and rotting wood. A leak can turn into a costly nightmare when it isn’t just the pipes you are paying to fix.
  • Mould – Mould and mildew grow in damp, dark areas, and thrive off the moisture provided by a slow leak. This can cause a variety of health problems such as respiratory illness, exacerbated asthma, skin conditions and in some instances, can even prove fatal.
  • Contamination – Broken pipes harbour bacteria and contain metals which can cause stomach upset, diarrhea and vomiting. Long term exposure can lead to more severe medical issues.
  • Electrical Damage – Water and electricity don’t mix, and a leak can cause costly and possibly life-threatening situations when the two of them combine. Water can get into the electrical circuitry of your home causing appliances to short out and potentially start a house fire. 

How Can You Tell If You Have a Water Leak?

It’s always wise to keep an eye out for signs of a leak in your water system, and if you do suspect one, but can’t find it yourself, call in a professional technician or a plumber as soon as possible. They use state of the art equipment which can locate the source of the leak with accuracy, and no damage to walls and floors. There are signs of water leaks you can look out for yourself but what are they?

  • Increase or Decrease in Water Pressure – A leak can cause the pressure of your water to drop or increase, depending on where the pipe has broken and how severe it is. If you find suddenly the shower isn’t powerful enough to rinse off the body wash, call in an expert.
  • Stains and Warped Walls – Look out for stains on walls, carpets, ceilings and behind furniture, as these are tell-tale signs of a water leak. In more severe cases walls and wood will visibly bow and warp from long term exposure to water.
  • High Water Bills – If your water bill suddenly increases without reason, you should call a professional. Your water bill may sometimes be the only way of detecting a leak yourself when no visible signs are present.

Water leaking in your home can be disastrous if left unfixed. It’s fine to call in a plumber so long as they have access to the detection equipment necessary for the safe identification and location of the problem. Most plumbers will break apart floors and walls to locate leaks, leaving you with a hefty bill for the repairs of a lot more than just a broken pipe.

Do you suspect a leak? Call in the experts

You will save thousands by contacting a water leak detection expert rather than the local handyman, as they will locate the source of the leak quickly, without invasive procedures and without hindering your everyday lives. These experts will come to you in an emergency and can also pre book appointments to suit your schedule.

Remember, if you do suspect a leak in your home or just want peace of mind, contact a professional water leak detector today and fix the problem before it becomes a disaster.