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May 30, 2024
water leak insurance

Water damage in any household or building is a big problem because it will soak everything around it. If it manages to seep into your electrical functions, it can then become a fire hazard.

There are (2) classifications of water damage. One is accidental and the other one is gradual. Accidental water damage can be caused by sudden incidents like storm/flood, bursting pipes and the like. These tend to inflict wider and larger damage and can be covered by insurance.

Gradual water damage on the other hand are small plumbing leaks that can later evolve into a bigger issue when left unsolved. And not most insurance providers cover this aspect.

Trying to do water leak detection yourself isn’t easy and it could turn out to be more expensive. This is why homeowners should check with their home and contents policy to see if water leakages are covered.

Is my water leak covered by insurance?

Depending on your provider, you can check what is covered by the policy. Typically, this general overview will discuss the different plumbing problems and insurance policy approach.

leaking pipes

Leaking pipes

Leaking pipes are typically due to rust and old age. The buildup causes the pipe walls to weaken and break. Some insurance policies may cover the task of locating and repairing the leak damage. It is also possible that they may have a limit on how much will only be covered (ex. $600). That way, it’s clear from both sides what can be included and excluded.

water leak maintenance


Regular maintenance may be applied proactively to avoid water leaks. It is also easier to spot undetected problems early on. However, if the water leak damage had been prevented by regular maintenance, then it is unlikely that the insurance will cover it. So, make sure that you conduct reasonable checkups on your water sources and water pipes every now and then.

water leak damages

Gradual damage

Previously, we discussed accidental and gradual water leaks. And most insurance policies will not cover gradual water damage especially when this could have been addressed with maintenance as well. Some examples could be a tricking water pipe, faulty shower, areas that should have waterproof seals. But if you can prove that the leak was something that you really could not have known, such as behind a wall or under the house – some insurance policies may be able to cover you.

Damage to structural properties

Roof damage and wall repairs caused by gradual water leaks are likely not covered by insurance. Among these are also tree rooting damage that can affect your plumbing. Things that could have been prevented by consistent maintenance will not be covered which is why it is important to check things every now and then like your roof gutters, downpipes and roof sheets.

Why should I have water leak insurance?

When this is called to action, having a water leak insurance policy can save you a lot of money and stress. A typical home insurance will not likely cover everything so having one dedicated to water leaks will cover a wider span of protection. As we get very busy with daily activities, we tend to forget other aspects like this. And that’s why there is insurance. In the event of accidental damages, which is usually unforeseen, we will have a way to react properly.

If you have now decided to avail yourself of one or already have an existing, it is also good to evaluate and review the clauses of your policy. That way, you are aware of what will exactly be covered. And depending on your provider, you may be able to expand the coverage as well to other incidents.

water leak insurance policy check

What if my insurance does not cover the damage?

If you don’t have insurance at all or if the incident itself is not covered, don’t worry – it is not the end of the world. Of course, the already-damaged things will be costly to repair, and you will need to shoulder them directly. However, what we are looking forward to is in the long haul. Future damage can be prevented by doing certain routine checks and repairs. That way, it can lessen the chances of bigger repairs because it is addressed early.

Water leak damage, especially gradual water leaks, commonly stems from one’s negligence and failure to do regular repairs. So, if you can instill good maintenance practices, this can already eliminate a lot of problems. You can do checkups on your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, garden, and the rest of the house for signs and symptoms like:

  • Water pools under appliances
  • Cracking, warping or discolouration on the walls & cabinets
  • Leaking or dripping water fixtures, pipes, hoses
  • Unusual holes and puddles
  • Molds, musty smell, damp areas that are expected to be dry


Having water leak insurance may sound a lot but it can provide value in the long run. It helps us prepare for accidents. But there are cases when one will not be covered by insurance and don’t let this discourage you. There are still preventive measures that you can take until you decide to get full insurance.

Austest Pipeline Solutions can find your water leak using high tech equipment such as acoustic leak detection, thermal imaging, camera inspections, smoke testing, plus more. Having a water leak on your property should be checked immediately to prevent further damages and costs.

If you think you may have a water leak at your home or business, give our water leak detection services a call on 1800 532 533 or send an online enquiry through our website.