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April 21, 2024
find reliable water leak detection company

It’s every property owner’s nightmare, a hidden water leak slowly rotting away the foundations of your home or office. Water that has burst from a broken pipe, or just trickling from a crack along the line, can do a lot of damage quickly when left undetected for any length of time. The damage begins with moisture building up in the darkness of your walls, inside your ceilings or underneath your flooring. This moisture build-up begins to rot every material it encounters, including the wooden framework of your home. The longer the leak is left to its own devices, the more the water damage and subsequent repair costs you will incur.

The best thing to do if you suspect there may be a water leak at your property, is to enlist the help of a reliable water leak detection specialist. With so many plumbing companies vying for your business, which one should you trust with saving your home or office from rotting inside out?

Problems Water Leaks Can Cause

A hidden water leak does more than just add to your water bills, once one starts it can be a domino effect of detrimental damage to your home or business space. Since most water leaks aren’t always visible to property owners, the leak can quickly become out of control, weakening the structural beams that hold your home or office together. There are also major health problems associated with the mould that will inevitably begin to grow. Mould releases toxic spores into the atmosphere, spores that can cause a range of illnesses such as allergies, hay fever, skin rashes, and can even affect your eyes and lungs.

The quicker the water leak is located, the better off you will be regarding your health and finances, so don’t hesitate to contact a leak detection technician as soon as possible.

What To Look For In A Leak Detection Company

When looking for professional leak detection in Melbourne, you will stumble upon many companies that offer extravagant and far-fetched outcomes, often with little to no industry experience. These companies use invasive and unnecessary means of detecting water leaks, cutting holes in walls and ceilings, and even ripping up entire floors just to locate the source of your water leak. Not only is this a time-consuming waste, but it also leaves you with a hefty excavation and repair bill, on top of their own bill for their leak detection services.

A professional water leak detector will have up to date training on techniques and all the latest hi-tech equipment to safely locate your water leak, without the extensive repair costs. When researching leak detection companies, remember to ask them their methods and equipment they plan to use, also how much experience their team has. Trust us, your bank account will thank you.

The more experience a leak detection expert has, the better the service they will provide for you. Experience brings with it great knowledge, and handy tips for completing the job to the highest possible standard.

Equipment Used By Professional Leak Detectors

All experienced and licensed leak detection companies should have the latest technology and equipment to better assist them in locating your water leak. As leaks can occur anywhere along the intricate piping system running through your property, this advanced equipment will be able to find the source of your water leak, without causing damage and disruption to your life. Having leak detection technology has its benefits in finding the origin of property leaks.

Technology such as thermal imaging cameras are ideal for finding leaks and moisture build-up, hidden behind your walls and ceilings. These thermal devices use temperature fluctuations to form images from behind most surfaces, and can clearly show where the problem lies, and how big or small it is.

Another handy piece of equipment used by the best leak detectors is acoustic leak detection sensors. By attaching acoustic sensors to the ground/pipes, the technician will be able to hear the activity of the water and should also hear where the water leak is. Small leaks produce high-pitched frequencies while larger water leaks emit a lower frequency. This enables the safe location of the problem leak, without the need to dig up the concrete, or tear down walls.

Always Choose A Licensed Professional

If you want to find a hidden water leak on your property with minimal destruction, then always choose a licensed leak detection company with a reputable service history. With up-to-date training in the field and access to the highest quality technical equipment, your leak detection specialist should be able to find the problem quickly and efficiently.

Talk to your chosen leak detector expert about their proposed methods and equipment, to ensure you are getting the best service, with the least repair work required upon their completion. Visit their website and check out past customer reviews to see for yourself how effective their services will be for your situation.