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June 17, 2024
What Is CCTV Drain Inspection and Reporting Used For

Is your drainage system leaking and in dire need of repairs?

Are you wondering whether drain relining is fast enough to solve your drainage leakage problem?

Well, in this article, we will explore the matter of speed when it comes to drain relining.

We will delve into whether the process is fast enough to solve your leakage issues in a timely manner.

In a nutshell, drain relining is considerably faster than traditional methods of repairing drain lines.

Some of the factors that make drain relining a fast process include:

  • The relining installation process does not necessitate a lot of excavation,
  • The lining Installation and curing process is quick, and
  • The process of relining is precise.

No Need For Excavation

Drain relining is a generally a non-destructive trenchless technology used to repair damaged drain lines.

Generally speaking, the process does not involve excavation around the entire length of the drain line, thereby doing away with the need for repairing the intensive excavation process.

That said, you should note that there are cases where small access holes are excavated by the team of experts conducting the relining.

Examples of instances where access holes are excavated include when a plumbing system does not have a manhole or inspection chambers.

Additionally, when the manhole is quite far from the point of interest, an access hole may be excavated as well.

The access holes are designed to help the team of experts access the drain line and perform the relining process.

As such, the access holes are significantly smaller compared to the extensive excavation process that would result from excavating the entire line.

Consequently, the drain relining process is not only cheaper, owing to the lack of or reduced excavation but also significantly faster.

The Lining Installation And Curing Process Is Fast

Aside from the lack of or diminished need for excavation, drain relining as a process is generally fast.

Every stage of the process is not time-consuming and, therefore, makes the overall process, from start to finish, a quick process.

For instance, the inspection phase is aided by advanced CCTV drain line camera technology.

Using this technologically advanced tool reduces the overall time spent on identifying the problem areas and the extent of the problem.

When it comes to clearing and cleaning blocked drain lines, water jetting is the preferred method.

Not only is water jetting fast, but it is also effective. Mixing the epoxy resin is also an easy and fast process.

Finally, installing the lining is also fast.

After determining and cutting the required length of lining, the flexible resin is winched in, inflated in, or forced in place by high-pressure water.

The curing process is also fast. Typically, the technicians will use hot water or UV light to cure the lining in a matter of minutes.

Drain Relining Is Precise

The drain relining process typically uses advanced technology designed to optimise accuracy.

For instance, the live inspection feed from the CCTV inspection camera allows technicians to identify the location of the problem areas in a precise manner.

Moreover, technicians can cut the exact length of resin needed for the entire drain or section of waste pipe that needs relining.

All of these considerations contribute to making the relining process a fast and efficient method of drain line repairs.


When faced with a drain line leaking issue, relining is not only efficient and cost-effective but also fast.

The entire process takes considerably less time to complete than other methods.

Importantly, as a property owner, you do not have to sacrifice performance to accrue the benefits of fast repairs.

After the curing process, drain lines tend to have a robust structure that can last as long as 50 years.

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