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May 30, 2024
Sewer Camera Inspection

Do you have a foul odour coming out from your bathroom or your kitchen sink? Do you suspect that your plumbing system has a leak?

If that is the case, you need to call in a professional company specialising in sewer camera inspection.

What is A Sewer Camera Inspection?

If you talk to a seasoned plumber, they will know about the CCTV camera inspection, video pipe inspection or sewer cameras.

This is the latest technology that is used by plumbers to diagnose water leaks, sewer pipe damage or to check the location of sewer backups or to find the location of blockages and for various other purposes.

It is a diagnostic tool that provides a clear picture of what’s happening inside a sewer line. It comes handy in many situations.

For instance, it is recommended to get a sewer camera inspection done before buying a home in order to make sure that you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars after buying the home.

It is also a great way to check the exact location of any blockages or a water leak.

Advantages of a Sewer Camera Inspection

A sewer camera inspection offers a number of advantages over traditional techniques. One of the biggest advantages is that the diagnosis doesn’t involve any guesses.

Without a sewer camera inspection, the plumber will be forced to dig the drain line in various places to find the blockage location but with a sewer camera inspection, they can see inside the sewer line and locate the exact point that is responsible for the blockage.

A sewer camera inspection equipment gives a clear video of the sewer lines and since there are depth and distance trackers on the sewer camera line, the technician will know exactly where the issue might be.

It also helps the homeowners to see the video of blockage or water leakage with their own eyes.

With the help of a CCTV drain camera, you will be able to see inside the whole sewer system connecting your house to the main sewer line.

What Happens in a Sewer Camera Inspection?

The system consists of a camera mounted at one end of a fibre-optic cable which is encased in a waterproof tubing.

This camera-mounted fibre-optic cable is pushed down the drain line by the technician and the camera at the front of the fibre-optic line sends a clear video to a monitor that is connected to the other end of the cable.

The footage looks like the footage from a normal CCTV camera. The video is available in colour and you will also be able to see the depth and distance markers on the screen.

The technician will keep pushing the camera further in the sewer line until they are able to find the exact location of the blockage of the leakage.

It is also important to mention here that while a sewer camera is a great way to detect leakages and blockages, it can’t see anything in dirty water.

Therefore, sewer camera inspection is usually recommended when there is little or no standing water in the pipe.

This is the reason plumbers recommend using a drain cleaning machine or a hydro jet to clean the drain line before sewer camera inspection.

Once the technician determines the type of blockage and what is causing the blockage, the plumber will then use an appropriate method to clear for blockage.

For instance, jet rodding is typically used to get rid of the tree roots or grease blocking the drain line.

In case the blockage can’t be cleared by jet rodding, an electric eel might be used by the plumber for cutting through the blockage.

Hydro jetting is another solution that is typically used to clear the blockage.


Overall, a sewer camera inspection is a reliable and efficient way to find out the exact location of a blockage or leakage.

Without sewer camera inspection, the plumber will have to dig the drain line in several places to determine the exact location of the blockage.

This is why a sewer camera saves a lot of time and money in such situations.

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