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April 21, 2024
common water leaks in homes

Water represents one of the biggest dangers to your home. An unseen water leak can cause severe issues to your property. While flooding from a major leak is obvious, a small leak that remains undetected can leave permanent damp that rots wood and encourage growth of harmful mould with the potential for causing health problems for your family.

It is those smaller leaks that you should really focus on, if your kitchen is flooded it is a disaster, but not one you are going to miss! Knowing where the smaller leaks most commonly appear can help with leak detection, but if you do find issues with water damage, a leak specialist can find those hidden water leaks quickly and easily.

Here are some of the areas to think about where those unnoticed slow leaks can occur, and cause lasting damage to your property.

leaks from appliances

1. Leaks From Home Appliances

Over time, appliances can develop issues, seals may degrade, pipes get blocked leading to leaks. These could be water leaks directly from the appliance itself, or problems with drainage causing overflows. In both cases, they can cause damp and other issues, with even a very small leak resulting in significant problems over time if left undetected.

Check your appliances once a month for signs of leaks, but if you have a fully fitted kitchen it could be almost impossible to see them. In this case, be alert for musty smells or other indicators of dampness, which could be caused by water build up behind the machine. A leak detection company can check for any suspected leaks without dismantling your kitchen if you think there is a problem.

clogged roof gutters

2. Clogged Gutter Problems

When it’s working properly your gutter system is a very effective and efficient way of moving rainwater away from your property, but exposed to the elements all year round, it doesn’t always operate as it should. Blockages are the most common issue, and that leads to water build up that eventually leaks out of the gutter channel and into the eaves of your property.

Because water has a knack for finding its way into any crack or crevice, that can lead to water dripping and collecting in unseen areas of the property. This can damage the wooden structure itself, but importantly even a small area of stagnant water can lead to the development of mould. The spores of moulds can be harmful to you and your family, so it is crucial that this is spotted before it becomes an issue.

While you may not be able to see where the water leaks are collecting, you can usually spot a blocked gutter. Frequent checks can help you spot and deal with problems before they can damage your property at all. Check for damage too, a cracked gutter can cause similar water leaks and the associated problems just as quickly.

If you see an issue and are concerned it may have been around for a while, a leak detection specialist can use a number of non-invasive methods to find water ingress quickly and easily.

water leaks in hidden pipes

3. Water Leaks in Hidden Pipes

Probably the most common cause of issues caused by water leaks, as it is almost impossible to know that there is a problem until there are symptoms. You will quickly notice a leak in a pipe going to your sink, but by necessity, the majority of pipes in your property are hidden from view. Knowing when one of those is leaking can often be by chance, hearing a tiny dripping sound, or smelling the damp build up.

If you experience either of those, or have an unexplained drop in water pressure to a particular area of the property, then you need answers. A leak detection company can identify if you have a leak, and importantly where it is. Using thermal and audio equipment, this process is fast and non-invasive, so you can see where the problem is without having to disrupt your home.

leaking air conditioning

4. Air Conditioning Systems

It’s easy to forget that your air con system removes excess moisture as it works, but if the ducting gets blocked in any way it can degrade performance, leading to a build up of water. This will eventually leak into other areas of the property.

Regular maintenance will minimise the risk, especially filter changes as this goes a long way to avoiding blockages. However, if there is a problem, water leaks are usually simple to locate in the system. If you do need help with water leak detection in your AC system though, a qualified technician will find it for you.

septic overflow

5. Overflow in Septic Tanks

Septic tanks will overflow if not regularly maintained and cleaned. When they back up, septic tanks are not just water leaks, but cause sewage to leak into your home. Not only cause damage an issue in the same way other water leaks do, but sewage itself presents a health hazard for you and your family.

It is crucial that you detect water leaks early when related to a backed up septic tank, and it is really important to call a leak detection professional as soon as possible to identify and solve the problem.

Call the experts to deal with leaks quickly

Because water leaks accumulate damage, the longer they are left the larger the problem will be, it is important to detect water leaks quickly and deal with them effectively. As a leak detection specialist, Austest Pipeline Solutions use the latest in thermal imaging and audio detection equipment to identify leaks in a non-intrusive approach that quickly locates problems wherever they may be.

If you need leak detection services, please call our team of water leak experts on 1800 532 533 or send through an online enquiry today.