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April 21, 2024
leaking sewer drains

Has your primary sewage line been causing issues? Are you going through stress and insomnia due to sewage leakages? Sadly, the broken sewage line comes with costly repairs. Dealing with leaky pipes, particularly a leaking sewage line, is unpleasant for everyone. However, there are techniques to spot these problems early, and you can stop additional harm by understanding the signs of a leaking sewer pipe.

The main sewage line is among the most crucial and vulnerable parts of your plumbing system. It links all plumbing, drains, and pipes. Over time, neglected plumbing pipes and fixtures may impact the central sewage system. Knowing why your damaged sewage line will make fixing or replacing it simple.

How Can You Identify a Leaking Sewer Pipe?

Since sewage pipes are underground, it may be difficult for a homeowner to identify an issue. The first step in averting a costly plumbing problem is to know the warning signs of a broken sewage line. Fortunately, sewage damage never happens without making a noise. The most prevalent warning indicators of leaky sewage pipes are as below.

1. Clogged Sewage

A blocked sewer drain line may impact plumbing fixtures, such as stormwater drain pipes, throughout a property. When conditions are dire, raw sewage will start to back up in drains. When a toilet is flushed, sewage often backs up into the shower or bathtub drain. Call a qualified plumber right away if a blockage is bad enough to allow raw sewage to back up inside of a house. Raw sewage is a health risk and may destroy your property if left unattended to. The plumber or leak expert with drain camera equipment can diagnose a clogged sewer line and see what’s causing the problem.

2. Odour and Smell

The structural rigidity of a major sewage line should stop smells from exiting the pipes. There can be a leak in the main sewage line if you start to detect unpleasant odours in your house. Basements and utility rooms are often where these scents are first noticed. Call a plumber right away if your drains or fixtures begin to smell like rotten eggs or sewage. Blocked stormwater drains can also cause these issues. So, speak to a qualified plumber to fix these issues.

3. Mold Growth

A sewage line leak inside your house might result in the development of mold and mildew. This is particularly true if the underlying leak issue is not resolved straight away. The likelihood that you may get mold increases the longer a leak is left unattended.

Contact a leak technician as soon as you see any disastrous signs of sewage leak to detect the problem. They can run a stormwater pipe inspection to identify the issues and treat the leaks immediately. Therefore, you can resolve the issue prior to the development of mold or mildew.

4. Lush Grass Patches

The wastewater from your leaking sewage pipe may serve as fertiliser for your lawn. As a consequence, your grass may see abrupt and greener growth. If this happens, a broken sewage line is almost always just under the troubled region.

You could have a sewage leak if you start to see areas of vivid green grass in your backyard. As sewage rises from the leak, its nutrients may be nourishing your yard, resulting in lush patches of grass. While seeing sections of your lawn that are lush and green may seem wonderful at first, this usually indicates that something terrible is going on under the surface.

You should definitely get a leak specialist to look it over if these patches start to appear more and more. They can try expert stormwater leak detection techniques to identify and address the issues immediately.

5. Foundation Cracks

Large, noticeable cracks in the foundation of a house are among the most typical indications of damaged sewage or drain lines. Sewer or drain line leaks may seriously damage foundations and create sinkholes in yards if left unattended for a long time.

It often seems unlikely that a leak might eventually result in foundational fractures in your house. However, the ground may shift due to leaking sewage pipes, resulting in vertical or diagonal cracks. Such cracking might jeopardise the structure’s stability and create a risky situation.

Stormwater CCTV inspections can identify the location of leaks, and you can avoid costly home renovation or repair expenses without issues. Any qualified leak expert or plumber can help with CCTV drain inspections.

Protect Yourself and Your Property from Leaking Sewer Pipes

Sewer line issues may result in significant property damage and costly repairs. It’s crucial to maintain drains and sewage lines and repair them as soon as a problem arises to avoid expensive property damage. If you think your property is a victim of a leaking sewer pipe, you can go for a stormwater pipe inspection and identify the leak sources. These inspections can keep sewage leak issues at bay and protect your property without issues or costly repairs.

If you suspect that your sewer line is leaking or clogged up then give our technicians a call at 1800 532 533 for expert advice or an inspection quote.