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May 30, 2024

Do you have a leak at your St Kilda property?

Based in Melbourne, Austest water leak detection service has been detecting leaks in St Kilda for over 30 years. No matter how small or big the water leak is, our experienced, knowledgeable and trained technicians will detect and find any hidden water leak fast.

When it comes to finding leaks at your property, they not only cause damage but can cost you long term if left unattended. This will cause a spike in your water bills and in some cases can cause serious health issues for your family or staff.

We’re highly recommended in St Kilda as the leading leak detectors in the area. We’re fully insured and qualified to carry out all types of leak detection work.

Austest PIpeline Solutions will attend your property, diagnose the situation and deliver a full comprehensive leak detection report that meets insurance standards. This information will help direct your plumber in repairing the problem by eliminating the guesswork when pinpointing the leak location.

Our leak experts have over three decades of plumbing knowledge backed by hands on experience in residential and commercial leak work. When it comes to hidden water leaks in your plumbing system around your St Kilda property, we will find it guaranteed.

Reliable St Kilda Leak Detection Experts

Our leak detection company uses the latest technology equipment that will save us time in finding leaks. We use tools including Acoustic Leak Detection, Smoke Testing, Thermal Imaging and CCTV Camera Inspections when detecting water leaks.

We offer responsive water leak detection St Kilda service to all locals in the area. Once one of our leak detection specialists has located the water leak, we will look at locating the source of the problem. A report can then be completed to send to your plumber to carry out the repair work.


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If you suspect a leak at your property, contact our experts for an inspection today.

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If you suspect there is a water leak at your St Kilda property then do not hesitate to call our friendly team today. Prevent further damage by calling the leading provider of leak detection work in Melbourne at Austest Pipeline Solutions.

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For the best advice and efficient leak detection service call us on 1800 532 533 or send an online enquiry today for a call back from one of our technicians.