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May 30, 2024

Do you have a leak at your Niddrie property?

Our specialists are here to find your leak. Being Niddrie’s leading leak detection company, we’re here to service your residential or commercial property today!

Owning a home or commercial property in Niddrie has its fair share of expenses, and a costly water leak shouldn’t be one of them. If you suspect any kind of water leak at your home or business, you need the help of a licensed water leak detection Niddrie company, before it becomes a financial nightmare.

Undetected water leaks are one of the most common, and often detrimental problems that arise for property owners in Melbourne. Water pipes run behind walls, under concrete slabs and up inside ceilings, making finding a suspected leak virtually impossible, without the right skills and equipment.

Unseen water leaks can cause a range of serious problems, not just to the structure of your home or property, but also to the health of you and your family/workers. Water eats away at wood and can form dangerous types of mould, mildew, and wood rot, which can cause serious health complications. Skin conditions, nausea, headaches, eye irritation and lung infections are common side-effects from the exposure to harmful mould spores in the air, and on surfaces.

There’s also the cost of unnecessary repairs. Replacing rotting walls, carpet, floorboards and structural beams can cost thousands, and it could all be prevented with the help of water leak detectors.

The best way to find out if you have a water leak (without tearing your walls or floor apart) is to enlist the help of a water leak detection specialist such as Austest Pipeline Solutions. Using only the latest in high-tech equipment, Austest can locate your hidden leak without hassle and without damage. If you suspect a leak in your home or commercial property, then don’t hesitate to contact our team at Austest today.

Advanced Leak Detection Specialist

Our team at Austest Pipeline Solutions use a combination of advanced water leak technology, and over 25 years’ experience in the trade, to safely locate the cause of your water leaks. Equipment such as thermal imaging monitors and acoustic sensors, allows for our technicians to literally see through your walls, and pinpoint the site of the water leak.

Other plumbers will use invasive methods like tearing open walls, and ripping up flooring to find your water leaks, whereas our services at Austest Pipeline Solutions are far more precise, and far less damaging.


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  • Site Inspection

    At a time convenient to you, one of our staff will attend your Niddrie property to do a job site inspection and provide a detailed job report. Once this is completed, a technician will be assigned to your case to begin work immediately.

  • Locating The Leak

    Our expert water leak detection technicians will use a combination of experience, and the latest equipment to locate the site of your leak quickly. Using advanced technology such as thermal imaging, our leak detection specialist will be able to spot any leaks in your pipes through heat waves, which form a solid image on screen. There is no need to use invasive procedures that end up costing a fortune in repairs.

  • Detecting The Cause

    With our state-of-the-art equipment our team can pinpoint and locate the area of your pesky leak, before it becomes a catastrophe. We use safe, non-invasive methods and technology to quickly identify the problem.

If you suspect a leak at your property, contact our experts for an inspection today.

Call the leak experts

If your water bills have increased, water pressure is lower or higher than usual, or if you just want peace of mind that nothing sinister is happening to your water pipes, then contact Austest Pipeline Solutions today. Our friendly team of water leak experts are waiting to hear from you today. Contact us by phone or browse online for more information, and to book an appointment.