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April 21, 2024

Do You Have A Water Leak At Your Frankston Property?

Our specialists are here to assist you with leak detection in Frankston and surrounding suburbs. Prevent further damage to your property and let us find your leak today!

When you own your own home or business space the last thing you need is a water leak, especially one that you can’t find. Leaking water from damaged pipes could stem from anywhere along the pipeline, hidden inside your walls, up inside the ceilings or even underneath your floors and concrete foundation. The only way to locate the source of the water leak without ripping holes in your walls, or tearing up the flooring, is by calling a professional leak detection Frankston company.

Mould growth is harmful to you and your family as it releases toxic spores into the atmosphere. These spores when inhaled cause a variety of lung problems and can exacerbate previous health conditions such as asthma. Exposure to these toxins can also cause skin rashes, irritations and infections to the eyes, nose and throat. The sooner a leak detector can identify the source of the leak, the sooner your family can breathe better and live healthier lives again.

The best thing to do if you suspect a water leak is to book a consultation with a leak detection specialist like Austest Pipeline Solutions, who will locate your water leak safely, quickly and using non-invasive technology and expertise.

Water Leak Detection Frankston Locals Trust

At Austest Pipeline Solutions we combine over 25 years’ industry experience with the latest hi-tech equipment, and non-invasive methods to locate the source of your water leak before it can cause any further damage. Our team of leak detection specialists will work around the clock at your convenience to get the leak found quickly and keep your repair costs to a minimum.

Using state of the art technology and equipment such as thermal imaging cameras and acoustic sensors, our team will locate your leak without the use of chainsaws and sledgehammers. Thermal imaging cameras pick up any temperature fluctuations and form a picture on the handheld screen, while acoustic sensors can be placed on underground water pipes giving off different sounds as the water flows.

For professional to detect a water leak contact the team at Austest Pipeline Solutions, the number one choice when it comes to leak detection Frankston.


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Our Process

  • Site Inspection

    Firstly, a qualified inspector will attend your property to conduct a site evaluation and detailed job report. These are then used to assign the correct technician, and the right equipment needed for the job.

  • Locating The Leak

    Using thermal imaging, CCTV and acoustic sensors, our team will locate the site of the leak and also assess the condition of the rest of your pipelines, ensuring there are no more hidden surprises down the track.

  • Detecting The Cause

    To find a small or large leak, it is imperative to find the main source or reason behind it. Our team will locate the water leak and its source, preventing future problems and saving you money.

Avoid Further Damage to Your Property

Water leaks are dangerous and costly when left undetected for any length of time, as the wasted water begins its destructive journey through the foundations of your home, causing a variety of problems to the structure of the dwelling and to your health.

Since water leaks tend to spring up in hidden areas, you might not notice the tell-tale signs that you have a water leak until it is too late. A sudden rise in your water bill, a drop in your water pressure, damp patches appearing on carpets or your walls, and even the growth of mould on wood and plaster are all signs that you have a water leak somewhere.

Call the experts in Leak Detection

We’re committed to delivering our customers the best service and reliable experience when it comes to protecting your property from water leaks. Here at Austest Pipeline Solutions, our technicians are fully qualified and licensed to carry out any detection work, big or small.

If you suspect a water leak on your property, contact the expert leak detectors at Austest Pipeline Solutions for more information, and to book an appointment. Don’t hesitate to phone our helpful staff or browse our online services today.