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May 30, 2024

Water leak in South Melbourne area?

When it comes to water leaks in your home, they don’t only cause a nuisance but can cost you money and severely damage your property if left unattended. This will cause a spike in water bills and in some cases cause serious health concerns.

Not only can water rot your wooden framework and fixtures of your property, but water sitting there will develop mould and mildew that releases spores into the air that can cause harm to your family or staff.

If you suspect you have a water leak in South Melbourne underground or within walls and ceilings, then we’re your leak detection experts to call on.

Our professional team of technicians provides honest, reliable and non-invasive leak detection South Melbourne residents rely on. Our affordable and fast leak service allows us to detect all types of water leaks at your property no matter the size.

For the best water leak detection services in South Melbourne give Austest PIpeline Solutions a call. We have over 25 years of experience detecting leaks with extensive plumbing knowledge and methods for finding leaks. We focus on using the latest in industry-standard equipment and technology including acoustic sensors, thermal imaging cameras, CCTV technology drain systems and smoke testing to pinpoint any water leak location.

Fast Leak Detection South Melbourne

Our experts will arrive on your property to observe the leak area so we can determine the best leak detection method to take when searching for the leak location. This includes using equipment to deliver a non-invasive approach so that we do not need to excavate the ground or damage the walls of your property to see where the leak is coming from.

We offer a responsive water leak detection South Melbourne service to all locals and businesses in the area. Once one of our leak detection specialists has located the water leak, we will look at locating the source of the problem. By using this process, we can send a report for you to forward to your plumber to complete any repairs saving you money in the long term and eliminating the guesswork.

We can look at detecting all hidden water leaks so that they can be dealt with right away before causing any further damage to your property.


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If you suspect a leak at your property, contact our experts for an inspection today.

Prevent Further Damage

If you feel there is a water leak at your property then do not hesitate to call our friendly team today. We’re your first choice for leak detection work in Melbourne.

Talk To Our Leak Detectors

For the best advice and efficient leak detection services call Austest on 1800 532 533 or send an online enquiry today for a call back from one of our technicians.