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May 30, 2024

Do you have a water leak at your Glen Waverley property?

We’re known to locals as Glen Waverley’s reliable leak detection company with no risk guaranteed work. We’re here to locate your hidden water leak fast!

Owning a home or business property in Glen Waverly has its fair share of expenses, and a hidden water leak could add to it if left undetected. Water is the number one cause of structural damage to properties, so if you have a dripping tap, your water bill has increased suddenly, or your water pressure has dropped significantly, you may have a hidden water leak. The best cause of action is to hire a professional water leak detection Glen Waverley specialist, who can locate the source of the leak before it becomes an expensive nightmare.

Water damage from a hidden water leak can lead to serious structural issues with your home, weakening the framework and causing mould and wood rot to develop. These issues are not only costly to repair, but dangerous to your health and safety. Mould can cause a range of health problems, from skin and eye infections to more serious conditions affecting the lungs.

Finding the source of the mould can prove difficult for the untrained eye, and a lot of plumbers will have to cut holes through the plaster on your walls and ceilings to find it. That isn’t necessary when you get the assistance of a licensed leak detector from Austest Pipeline Solutions. We have the best technology, equipment, and in-depth knowledge from decades of experience in the industry, which we apply to safely locate your water leak fast, without excess damage.

Advanced Water Leak Detection

With over 25 years’ experience in the industry of locating water leaks for homes and businesses across Melbourne, Austest Pipeline Solutions are the experts you need. Using only the latest hi-tech equipment such as acoustic sensors and thermal imaging cameras, our technicians can see and hear the problem leak at the source.

Thermal imaging provides a clear picture of what is happening behind your walls and inside your ceilings, and acoustic sensors can be placed on accessible pipes to hear the movement and behaviour of your water underground. There is no need to cause excess damage by cutting out sections of walls, our technicians can see through them. Trust the team at Austest Pipeline Solutions to find the source of the leak at a time that suits your busy lifestyle. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction and finding hidden leaks!


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Our Process

  • Site Inspection

    At the most convenient time for you, one of our friendly team will visit your Glen Waverley property to assess the job site, and to complete a detailed job report. This assessment will determine the right leak detection specialist is assigned for the job, and ensures the right equipment and methods are used.

  • Locating The Leak

    We will find the source of your water leak quickly no matter how hard it is to find. Using industry experience and the best in thermal imaging cameras and acoustic signals, our team can pinpoint the exact location before it becomes a financial crisis.

  • Detecting The Cause

    Our trained professionals will find the source, and the cause of the water leak quickly and efficiently. If you want to avoid burst pipes and water leaks in the future, our team can assess the condition of your existing pipes and identify potential trouble spots.

If you suspect a leak at your property, contact our experts for an inspection today.

Call the leak experts

For any queries or worries about water leaking throughout your home, call the number one Leak detection company Austest Pipeline Solutions today. Our friendly staff are ready to assist you in locating your water leak at the source, using non-invasive and intelligent methods. If you suspect a leak somewhere on your property, call our expert leak detectors, or send an enquiry through our website.