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May 30, 2024

Do you have a leak at your Dandenong property?

Water leaks can turn into an expensive problem if repairs are left unattended. Our leak detection specialists in Dandenong are here to serve you today!

Owning a home or commercial business in Dandenong can have its share of expenses, and water pipes that are damaged or leaking can add up to the costs. If you notice water seeping from underground or within a plumbing pipe, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with a water leak.

Having a leaking plumbing pipe within your home or commercial space can cause severe damage to your framework and fixtures of your property. To save further damage your best bet would be to call a leak detection Dandenong company right away.

When water leaks start to occur, it can cause serious damage to either your wooden framework or plaster walls that can begin to rot causing mould and mildew build up. This is when black mould start to emerge which can be harsh to breathe in and cause serious health concerns. This can be avoided by hiring experts in leak detection who can pinpoint the location of the problem area.

For honest and reliable leak detection services in Dandenong, look no further than Austest Pipeline Solutions. We have over 25 years of experience and knowledge to answer all of your questions plus provide the best leak detection solutions. We use non-invasive technology which allows you to detect any leak location before having to complete any major excavation works eliminating the guesswork.

Burst Pipe Locating in Dandenong

When you experience a burst pipe, your home can fill up with water in no time. This type of problem is why burst pipe emergencies occur in households. No stress, this is why Austest Pipeline Solutions are here to assist you with fast and effective burst water pipe services. Prevent further damage by fixing your burst pipes today. Call or book us online to get a fast burst pipe Dandenong repair today.


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  • Site Inspection

    When we come in for an inspection of the property, one of our skilled technicians will prepare to locate the leak.

  • Locating The Leak

    All of our vehicles are equipped with the latest equipment technology including thermal imaging and CCTV to find any hidden water leaks.

  • Detecting The Cause

    One of our leak specialists will find the origin of the leak. From here they will provide a condition report of the leak found to the plumber.

If you suspect a leak at your property, contact our experts for an inspection today.

Avoid Further Damage to Your Property

If you suspect your water bill is much higher than usual, it’s probably caused by a leak at your property. Our inspection services ensure you’re provided with fast and efficient leak detection as well as accurate reporting. We use state-of-the-art equipment including acoustic detection and thermal cameras to accurately pinpoint the location of the leakage.

Trusted Specialists in Leak Detection

Our friendly team is here to assist in any emergency and is committed to providing the best service possible. We strive to deliver prompt and professional work to all leak problems. Here at Austest Pipeline Solutions, we pride ourselves on workmanship and respect when it comes to all leak detecting jobs. We value our customers and the time they have, so we’re transparent from the inspection process right through to the end solution.