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Aus-Test strives to provide ultimate solutions to your drainage and repair problems. As your specialists in water backflow testing in Melbourne, the services we provide make great use of our extensive technical expertise to offer you solutions that will stand the test of time.

Backflow Aversion

Backflow is a plumbing term which refers to when a contaminated and polluted water source flows in the reverse direction towards a clean water system, such as those used for bathing and drinking purposes.

The backflow of water stems from cross connection. This means that dirty contaminated water could pollute the clean water supply at any point. The contamination could be from a secondary, connected water supply that has inlets submerged and by-passed with each other. It might also be your temporary water devices and removable parts that could become the root of the problem of clean drinking water mixing with a contaminated one.

To prevent this we install a backflow-averting valve. This one-way device prevents the backward movement of water into the potable, clean water supply.

The devices used for prevention come under various types. This usually includes two types:

  • Testable
  • Non-testable

The use of both testable and non-testable is governed by the hidden risks of contamination inside water systems. Overall, the testable category of devices need regular maintenance (annually) for reliable and satisfactory running. Aus-Test is registered and licensed for the installation, testing, and repairing of backflow valves.

Water Backflow Testing Services Austest Provide:

  • Backflow devices and their installation
  • Service and repairing of Backflow devices
  • Regular and initial backflow device testing along with a report sent to the local water authority

Corey, one of our main testing specialists, is a registered and certified tester who has a lot of experience in water backflow testing and prevention services in water systems.

Corey is fully licensed to repair and service all types of backflow devices sold and used in Australia. Among the many devices, the main ones that Corey repairs are reduced pressure zone devices, resisted air gaps, resisted break tanks, vacuum breakers, double check valves, and many more.

As specialists, we work to offer ideal solutions for all kinds of domestic property owners, commercial property owners, and property and community management firms. For small to large homeowners, we offer a competitive price range and discounts and we are sure you will find our services satisfactory and reliable.

AusTest should be on your list of quality water backflow testing services in Melbourne, whom you can consult no matter what problems you have regarding the plumbing installation and repair. Our system is simple and runs round the clock. With our professional workers and up-to-date technological support, we can offer you the best in terms of services and devices that will never let you down.

Testing Discounts may apply for more than 2 valves Installation prices vary and will require an On Site Audit

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