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April 21, 2024

Underground Water Leak Detection Service


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Detecting Leaks in Underground Water Pipes

An underground water pipe leak refers to when the pipes that carry water beneath the ground surface develop cracks, holes, or breaks, causing water to escape into the surrounding soil. This can occur due to various factors, including aging of pipes, ground movement from natural tremor activity, or corrosion due to chemicals in the soil or water.

These leaks can lead to numerous issues if not detected and fixed promptly. They can cause water wastage, increased utility bills, damage to the property’s foundation, and even create sinkholes. It’s crucial to regularly check for signs of underground leaks, such as unusually high water bills, wet spots in your yard, or decreased water pressure. Seek a professional leak detector if a water leak is suspected.

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    Let Us Find Hidden Pipe Leaks

    With a strong focus on innovation and precision, our team of water leak detection specialists can accurately identify the source of water leaks underground using advanced CCTV drain inspections. If you’ve discovered a potential leak on your property, don’t delay it. It’s time to book in our underground water leak detection services!

    We offer underground pipe leak detection services for both commercial and residential property owners. Don’t leave it to chance – secure your property with our professional services today!

    What Causes Underground Water Leaks

    Several situations can lead to underground water leaks. Here are some common ones:

    Chemicals in Water or Soil

    The pipes beneath your home can deteriorate due to chemicals present in the water or soil. These chemicals can cause the pipes to erode, leading to cracks or holes that allow water to seep into the soil beneath your property or the basement slab.

    Earth Tremors and Natural Disasters

    Ground shifts due to earthquakes or other natural disasters can exert enormous pressure on water lines. Over time, this pressure can cause the water pipes to crack, allowing water to displace the soil beneath the slab. This can result in potential health hazards and structural problems, making your property unsafe for habitation.