Thermal Imaging Services

Using non-destructive and highly accurate tools for leak detection, our thermal camera will find any potential leak at your property. We focus on providing you with methods of locating a potential leak where we eliminate the guesswork.

Thermal imaging detects water leaks in different areas of your home including within walls, ceiling and floors. The Thermal Imaging camera finds problems before they become a major disaster such as causing electrical fires.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

The below image shows a leak in an external shower wall that was discovered using a thermal imaging camera to detect a leak. Leakage like this can be costly if not properly dealt with and actioned fast.

thermal imaging camera

Do you believe you might have a water leak in the walls of your property? When it comes to something as valuable as your home, you want to ensure fast solutions that will avoid costly repairs in the future.

Our leak detectors along with their thermal imaging equipment allow us to give you the answer to your leak detection problems quickly.

How the camera works

Thermal imaging is the technique of using the heat given off by an object to produce an image of it and for us to locate an internal wall leak. At Austest Pipeline Solutions, we use thermal imaging for leak detection services in hot water lines situated in places such as below concrete slabs, within walls, and for leaks that can occur in showers or balconies. Using this type of thermal camera equipment allows us to see the difference in temperature, which gives us an indication of the leak’s origin.

Quickly identifying and repairing water leaks can help property owners avoid extensive damage and costly repairs in the future. For fast results, get in touch with the team at Austest Pipeline Solutions and request a quote.

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