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July 6, 2022

Underground Smoke Testing Services

Smoke Testing is widely used by our team of plumbers in Melbourne for blocked drains, blocked sinks, blocked sewerage and more

Do you have a sewer odour, foul smell around your property or a suspected illegal drainage connection. The symptoms of these issues can be difficult to locate and isolate.


Smoke testing is the most efficient way to locate suspected leaks in above ground sewer drains. CCTV inspections will not locate a loose joint or hairline crack in most cases. This is where smoke testing is used. Smoke testing is an efficient way of locating any form of water leaks in sewer storm water systems and more.

Austest Pipeline Solutions have been using this method to identify water leaks and confirm causes of sewer odours. Our Water Leak Detecting is revolved around using a non toxic, artificially created smoke will be pushed through the pipe system and help identify illegal connections and issues.

If you need smoke testing in Melbourne or any leak detection give our team of professional plumbers a call today

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