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August 7, 2022

Detect Leaks In Showers

The first signs of a water leak in your shower or bathroom can be visible water stains you can see within the walls or ceiling of the room. If your paintwork seems to be flakey or peeling off your walls it’s most definitely a leak. Other signs could be mould stains, bad odours and movement in your plaster.

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    Count On a Leak Professional

    Don’t spend time and money trying to find the cause of your own leaks. Many trades including plumbers may inspect your water leak, charge for parts and repair the leak only to find that it has come back after a short amount of time. Don’t just assume it’s fixed, enlist a leak detection specialist who will test and locate the cause of the leak.

    Austest uses the latest technology including Acoustic Sound, Thermal Imaging, and Pressure Testing to find the origin of the leak. Backed by over 25 years of plumbing and leak detection experience in domestic and commercial work we know the ins and outs of how leaks are formed.

    Looking for a Shower Leak Detection Specialist in Melbourne?

    Our highly skilled and qualified technicians can find any type of leak using the latest detection tools and equipment we have available.

    Our customers include Plumbers, Real Estate Agents, Insurance Companies, Water Supplies, Local Builders and Property Maintenance Companies. If you’re looking for a company who will provide detailed reports of leak findings, skilled at what they do and have an extensive network of trades to repair your leak then look no further and contact us today.

    Showers can leak from different areas of your bathroom

    • Inside and behind walls
    • Around plumbing fixtures
    • Through cracks in tiles including grout
    • Around shower taps
    • Plumbing pipes within walls
    • Inside basin and shower drains

    Do you have a shower leak in your bathroom? Get in touch.

    If you have a water leak in your shower or can see your walls changing colour or shape then give Austest a call today.

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