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May 30, 2024

Water Meter Test


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Leak Detection Water Meter Test

Austest Pipeline Solutions provides its customers relief from their plumbing and drainage issues in a timely manner. We also ensure that our clients are aware of all the impending water-leaking issues in their drainage and sewage systems.

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    Running A Water Meter Test

    If you suspect a plumbing leak at your property, we have provided a quick guide to a water meter test below that you can follow to help determine if you have a leak or water loss at your home or office. This test should be conducted when no water has been used at the property for at least 30 minutes.

    How to check your water service for leaks

    New Meter – This is a very short test (it takes no more than six steps).

    • Make sure that you know what all the dials on the water meter measure
    • Confirm that all water taps both within and outside the house (garden area, backyard etc) are turned off. Moreover, make sure that the toilets, bathrooms, dishwashers, water appliances such as water machines are not being used at all.
    • Monitor the reading on the meter for the first few moments. Record, even slight movements. To gauge the degree of a leak, start with noting the reading, wait for ten minutes and then take another final one. Record all details on the dial.
    • Deduct initial reading from last (final) reading. Ensure that you are writing all your readings in litres and not kilolitres.
    • Multiply your readings by six to get the litres reading gone in an hour

    Test Example

    • Initial reading: 1234, 567.8 litres
    • Final reading: 1234, 574.8 litres
    • Total usage: 7.0 litres x 6 = 42 litres/hour
    • 42 x 24 = 1,008 litres/day
    • 1,008 x 90 = 90,720 litres/quarterly billing period (approx).

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