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May 30, 2024

Underground Pipe and Cable Locating Service

Austest Pipeline Solutions stands out as Melbourne’s premier utility locating service locating experts. We specialise in the precise detection and analysis of hidden utilities. With a deep commitment to excellence and safety, Austest harnesses cutting-edge technology and innovative methodologies to offer unmatched services in leak detection, pipe inspection, and the identification of underground infrastructure.

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What Is Underground Utility Locating?

Underground utility locating uses technology such as ground penetrating radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic locating (EM Locating) to detect and map any underground powerlines, gas lines, water services and other underground utilities or services. It is a service used before breaking ground in any kind of construction.

What Underground Utilities Can Austest Pipeline Solutions Locate?

Austest Pipeline Solutions excels in locating a wide array of underground utilities, ensuring safety and accuracy in every project. Their comprehensive services include the precise location of cables, underground wires, gas lines, sewer drains and electric cables. Austest provides reliable identification of hidden utilities, preventing potential damage during excavation and construction projects.

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    Benefits Of Professional Utility Locating Services

    Hiring a professional for utility locating services gives you crucial advantages, including

    • Enhanced safety by reducing the risk of damaging underground cables and pipes during excavation. 
    • It ensures accuracy and efficiency, saving time and resources by precisely identifying utility locations.
    • Professional services minimise project delays and costly repairs, promoting compliance with regulations. 

    This proactive approach protects infrastructure integrity and public safety, making it an indispensable step in any construction or excavation project.

    Our highly skilled team brings years of experience to every project, ensuring accurate, reliable results and peace of mind for our clients, whether residential, commercial, or industrial.

    Our proactive approach prevents potential damage and preserves the integrity of Melbourne’s underground utilities, making Austest Pipeline Solutions the go-to experts for those seeking professional, efficient underground service location services.

    Why choose Austest for your utility and cable locating services

    • We're 'Dial Before You Dig' Certified

      Our technicians are experienced in safely executing different locating techniques

    • Advanced Equipment and Locating Technology

      We use the latest industry standard equipment technology to locate your underground services

    • Experience & Knowledge

      With over 30 years in locating services, you will receive expert advice and level of service like no other

    Why Choose Austest Pipeline Solutions: Your Underground Locating Experts

    Choose Austest Pipeline Solutions for unparalleled expertise in underground utility locating. With over 20 years of experience, we offer transparency through upfront pricing and no hidden costs, ensuring trust and reliability. 

    Our team of licensed technicians are equipped with the knowledge, tools and technology for precise detection. Austest stands out for our rapid response and fast inspection arrival times, making us the preferred choice for efficient and accurate underground locating services.

    Our Pipe and Cable Locating Process

    To initiate the pipe and cable locating process, simply make a booking by calling us or submitting an online enquiry.

    1. Call us – 1800 532 533 or fill out our form, tell us your issues and we can schedule a visit.
    2. We will visit your location and make an assessment of the situation, create a report and tell you how much the whole operation will cost.
    3. All our vans are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to locate and detect all hidden utilities and leaks.
    4. Once we find it and discover the extent of the problem, we’ll produce a report to help you make the next choice.

    Get In Touch With Austest Pipeline Solutions Today For Underground Utility Locating Melbourne

    Austest Pipeline Solutions excels in underground utility locating, combining over 20 years of experience, transparent pricing, and expert technicians to ensure safety and precision. For reliable detection and peace of mind in your construction or renovation projects, contact Austest today for a comprehensive quote. Trust Melbourne’s underground leak detection experts to protect your infrastructure.