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May 30, 2024

Fire Service Water Leak Detection In Melbourne

Welcome to Austest Pipeline Solutions, your trusted provider of fire service leak detection across Melbourne. Our team are dedicated to keeping your property safe and compliant.


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Fire Mains Water Leak Detection

Do you have a burst pipe or a leak in your fire mains service? For over 30 years Austest Pipeline Solutions has been servicing fire lines throughout Melbourne.

Many buildings and their surrounds have water utility facilities used as fire protection water systems so that if there is a fire they will go off. It’s vital that these main lines are in working condition so they can be distributed to designated sprinklers or hydrants. This is to ensure to keep everyone in buildings safe and protected.

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    Fire Water Leak Service in Melbourne

    If you’re experiencing a leak within your fire line system, look out for the below:

    • Check to see if your pipes are looking old and corroded
    • The water pipes are damaged
    • There is a water leak within your fire line pipes

    It’s important that if your fire lines have a leak, this is a common sign that the system has been installed incorrectly or there might be a component that’s failing within the system. This will cause all sorts of issues when it’s time to distribute water throughout your sprinklers and hydrants.

    Steps to maintain fire sprinkler system

    • Open Test Valve Regularly

      Testing the valve from your sprinkler system on a regular basis (once a month to once a year) to ensure there is water flow.

    • Visual Inspections

      Conduct an occasional inspection of your sprinkler heads as well as any valves or piping being exposed.

    • Control Valve is Open

      Always check to see if the control valve is left in an open position to ensure the sprinkler system will run in an emergency.

    Could Your Fire Sprinkler System be Experiencing a Leak?

    Small water leaks can cause low pressure in your sprinkler system. Your fire sprinkler system may be experiencing a leak if:

    • The pipes that serve the system are beginning to corrode
    • One or more sprinkler heads are damaged
    • There is a damaged pipe in the system
    • A pressure test has failed

    Fire sprinklers are designed to go off when a fire is detected and water is distributed through designated sprinkler heads.

    Fire sprinkler systems have the potential to leak if they have not been correctly installed or if there is a problem in the system that causes the equipment to fail which can cause the sprinklers to malfunction.

    To ensure the safety of your home and everyone in it you should consult a professional leak detection company like Austest Pipeline Solutions to inspect the system. They have the necessary equipment and technology to get the job done quickly and effectively.