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July 6, 2022

Effective CCTV Drain Camera Inspection

At Austest Pipeline Solutions we provide Melbourne customers with an efficient drain camera inspection to find the root cause of all drain pipe problems. When it comes to CCTV drain inspections, we assess underground drain pipes, blocked drains and sewers in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

Our CCTV drain camera locating service plays an important role when identifying the causes of blockages, structural damage, partial or complete wall collapses, displacement of pipe joints, root intrusion, underground leaks, and any other service faults.

During a drain camera inspection, we immerse the camera in your sewage lines to identify the real problems in your pipes. As camera inspection specialists, our services are the best choice for all pipe systems, whether they have been newly installed or have been around for years.

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Why Use CCTV Drain Inspections?

Have you noticed a blockage in your drain? Do you need to make sure you’re not running into plumbing problems when buying a new home? A full CCTV drain inspection is the non-invasive method to accurately detect what condition your drain pipes are in.

Austest Pipeline Solutions are equipped with high-quality industry equipment that can detect the location of drain problems, eliminating the guesswork and time plumbers take to pinpoint the issue.

Drain camera inspections provide

  • Visual detection

    Close inspection and exact location of pipe condition. See what issues are visible.

  • Root & debris intrusion

    With quality mapping footage of your drains view early warning signs of tree intrusion and pipe hazards.

  • Fully detailed report

    Our specialists will provide a full detailed CCTV condition report to advise best fix for your drains

CCTV Drain Services in Melbourne

The use of CCTV drain inspections is the best approach when looking to unblock your drains. At the same time, it is a great opportunity to check out the condition of your drains. You can tackle any other potential problems before they increase further damage or become more expensive in the long run.

Benefits of CCTV Inspections, Surveys & Reporting:

Detect clogs – drain camera inspection helps us in detecting debris clogs such as clay, dirt, leaves, roots, grout and gravel accumulation in your pipes. The camera is so precise that it would also reveal lines of obstruction hailing from impressions of rocks, hairline cracks, breaks in pipes and faulty installation.

Inspection Playback Recordings – CCTV footage can be replayed from a USB provided, allowing you to re-inspect it in order to identify the issue if you encounter it again. This would also mean that you can play it back at your leisure for further assessment.

Eliminate the guesswork – Drain camera inspection provides value for money as our technicians are able to locate any faults in detail and offer the best solution to your leak problems. Our drainage inspection specialists are then able to better pinpoint the target areas and cut down the extent of repair works and excavation.

Melbourne’s Reliable Drain Experts

When it comes to Drain Leak Detection, it takes years to acquire expert knowledge and experience. Austest Pipeline Solutions works with a number of industries across the state including Melbourne Plumbing Companies, Commercial Business Owners, Builders, Local Councils, Fire Services, Property Maintenance Companies and Real Estate Agents.

We work with a number of trades including Plumbers, Build Suppliers, Tilers and Bathroom Renovators for all water leak findings. When it comes to each job, none are too big or small.

What areas do we service?

We have you covered in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs including Eastern Suburbs, Western Suburbs, Northern Suburbs and Bayside Suburbs. When it comes to finding a leak at your property, our team of leak detection technicians will service areas including Leak Detection Melbourne, Leak Detection Keilor, Leak Detection Northcote, Leak Detection Prahran and Leak Detection Tullamarine.

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If you neeed us to locate the root cause of any blockage in your pipes or drains, call Austest for all CCTV drain camera inspections on 1800 532 533 or send a message online.

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