Cable & Pipe Locating Services in Melbourne

AusTest is the number one provider for your Cable and Pipe Locating.

Austest is the number one provider for your Cable and Pipe locating in Melbourne offering suburbs. Water gas chemical electrical system fuel systems drainage systems are some of the expertise we offer.

We have the technology as well as the trained staff to locate all below ground services. Our up to date cable and pipe utility locating equipment helps us determine the underground positions of all services.

Thus we are able to offer you smooth and comprehensive services no matter your location – Road reserve footpath private property internal or external or external – we are the people to call before you go to work on any excavation or planning. Employing professional underground cable and pipe locatiog specialist will not only save you time and money in the long run but will also prevent ant future complications.

So why tear up your whole property when our specialist can mark the areas to excavate and where not to excavate

Residential & Commercial Services

Our expert technicians make use of the latest equipment to help you find every kind of leak in your water system, which can be located in places such as:

  • Under concrete slabs
  • Under Bitumen roads
  • Concealed in walls
  • Sewer systems
  • Drains and waste
  • Hydronic water structures
  • Sprinkler water structures
  • Irrigation systems

Certified Dial Before You Dig

  • tracing of water leaks, sewerage leaks, electrical or telephone cables and other communication links
  • facilitate CCTV drain camera inspections in drainage, pipelines and other water systems
  • locate with the help of sondes, traces of PVC and all other plasticised conduits and lines
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