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May 29, 2024

Acoustic Water Leak Detection Service

Pinpoint hidden water leaks with our advanced acoustic leak detection services. We utilise advanced technology equipment and skilled technicians to locate water leaks, saving you time and money.


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Acoustic water leak detection Melbourne Wide

When you own a home or commercial property, there can be many unexpected expenses that arise, one of them being a hidden water leak. Whether a leak is located in your home or office, enlisting acoustic leak detection methods can locate the origin of the leak without having to excavate your surroundings.

Water leaks in new and old buildings are quite common, most of them are left undetected until noticeable signs begin to appear. These can include:

• Increased water bills
• Sudden drop in water pressure
• Taps that won’t turn off
• Damp patches in your garden that don’t dry up
• Water stains beginning on carpets, walls and ceilings
• Dark coloured mould spots or mildew forming
• Bowed/sagging ceilings

The first thing to do if you notice any of these signs is to seek help from an acoustic leak detection plumber. For leaks that are hidden behind your walls, in your ceilings and even underneath your floors, acoustic sensor detection is the most advanced and effective method used to pinpoint them.

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    How Does Acoustic Water Leak Detectors Work?

    Flowing water creates sounds, which can be listened to and interpreted using acoustic water leak detection technology. Depending on the location of the pipes (and what they are made of) different sounds will be emitted if there is a leak or blockage along the line.

    Generally, water flowing steadily through pipes doesn’t make a sound unless there is a problem, which makes finding the troubling water leak possible without digging up the ground and inspecting every centimetre of piping.

    Learn more about our leak detection services to see how we can find your water leak.

    Benefits of Acoustic Leak Technology

    • Underground Detection

      Can work with small to large leaks underground.

    • Filter Noise

      Options to filter precise water leak and acoustic listening.

    • Locate The Leak

      Helps find the leak to reduce severe property damage.

    Trust Our Acoustic Leak Detection Methods

    An acoustic leak detection plumber uses specialised sensors, microphones, headphones and listening rods to locate leaks whether they are big or small. A listening rod will be inserted into the ground to pick up the vibration of the water flow, or placed on top of the ground to get an overview of the pipelines. The vibrations of the water create a geographical image of the hidden pipelines which can be mapped out to show trouble spots. An acoustic water leak detector allows technicians to hear different kinds of issues within the water pipes and transfer that sound into an image displayed on a handheld screen.

    Pinpoint the water leak

    The sounds emitted from the water pipes form different frequencies depending on the size of the leak and its location. Smaller water leaks produce a high-pitched frequency and larger leaks, or burst piping create a lower frequency, giving the leak detection specialist a precise location of the trouble site. Once the leak has been located it can be fixed, without the added cost of house and property repairs from methods used in traditional plumbing.

    Acoustic water leak detection is one of the most effective and safest methods for detecting and pinpointing the location of hidden water leaks around your home and property. Of course, not all water leaks can be found using this method, that’s why at Austest Pipeline Solutions we combine traditional methods with modern technology to get the best results.

    Call the experts with state-of-the-art technology

    Having used acoustic leak detection equipment with over 30 years of plumbing experience, our qualified leak experts will have your water leak located fast and precisely. To find out more or to get a free quote get in touch with our friendly team today.