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May 30, 2024
steps to a CCTV Camera Inspection

Drain pipes and water pipes are highly susceptible to leaks and blockages occurring.

These leaks or blockages can be very difficult to detect without the use of CCTV camera equipment, especially if they occur a long way down the pipeline.

In order to identify a leak in a water pipe, it is also necessary to use the correct process during a CCTV inspection.

The following 3 steps are essential for a successful leak detection inspections:

Step 1 – Accessing The Pipes

Keeping in mind that water pipes are located underground, an access point for the camera will need to be located from where the camera can be inserted and guided along the pipelines.

In some cases, it may be necessary to use a remote-controlled crawler on wheels to guide the camera through the plumbing system.

Step 2 – Monitoring The Footage

A trained technician will observe the live feed from the CCTV camera on a monitor as it is guided along the pipes.

They will carefully look for and identify any faults that may exist in the pipes or where cracks or damage may have caused a leak.

They will log their findings according to where the leak (or in the case of a drain, where the blockage) is located.

A common problem of blockages in drain pipes is where tree roots may have grown into the pipes.

It can be difficult to continue with the inspection as guiding the camera through the roots can be problematic depending on the extent of the root growth.

Monitoring the footage, in this case, can be a time-consuming process as the entire interior circumference of each section of the pipe will need to be checked thoroughly in order for the inspection to achieve the best results.

However, footage of the feed can be recorded of any relevant cracks, damage or faults that are found along the waterline or in the drain pipes.

Step 3 – Reporting

Every fault that was logged will be entered into a report that will be submitted to the relevant client or customer along with the relevant footage for evidence of any leaks or blockages that were detected.

If no faults were identified, then this will also be reflected in the report.

If the inspection needed to be halted for any reason or until repairs or tree roots are removed, this will be stated in the report.

A plan of the water or drainage pipes will also be provided along with each area where a fault was detected along the system.

The CCTV inspection report can be used to ensure quick and efficient repairs of any and all leaks or the removal of blockages along the pipeline.

If necessary, the report can also serve to prove that there are no faults along the line.

There are many reasons why a drain camera pipe inspection may be beneficial:

  • Where the source of a drain of water or blockage is not easily detectable.
  • Where prior repairs or blockage removals were unsuccessful
  • In the event of a blocked drain emergency

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