Drain Patch Relining For Repairs

Using Drain Patch Relining For Repairs

Do you have consistently unpleasant odours in your backyard for no reason?

Are you hearing constant gurgling noises even when all the taps are turned off? Do you have wet floors for no reason?

Please continue reading to learn more about why these things are happening and how to find a reliable solution for these problems.

If you are experiencing any of the above problems, this usually means that the drain pipes in your house are due for repairs.

Since the drain pipes are usually buried underground, it’s pretty hard to check them out to find the cause of the exact problem.

There are two options available to you when it comes to the repair of damaged drainage pipes.

One of the options is to excavate and replace the damaged drainpipes.

This is not only an extremely difficult process but also expensive, especially when drainpipes are buried deep under retaining walls or driveways.

Thankfully, there is another option which is known as drain relining.

About Drain Relining

Simply put, it’s a method of repairing the lining on drains.

It’s known by many other names including sectional pipe repair, no-dig drain relining, trenchless pipe relining, internal epoxy patching, drain rehabilitation and cured-in-place pipe among others.

This method of repair is widely used all around the world.

In this method, a new pipe which is known as lining is inserted inside the existing damaged pipe which turns it into a completely new pipe.

This repair method can be used for fixing radial cracks, circumferential cracks, leaking joints as well as open joints among other issues.

Drain patch relining is a similar process. In this method, a drain patch is used instead of relining the whole pipe with the help of a pre-shaped pipe.

In this case, an epoxy resin is used to fill up the spread out patch.

This patch is inserted into the damaged pipeline with the help of a tool called pipe packer.

The pipe packer is carefully and slowly inserted into the damaged drain.

Once the patch reaches the site of the defect, it is inflated and left there for around an hour before removal.

Around an hour of curing time is enough for the new patch to cover the leakage.

Drain patch relining is extremely effective when a full relining is not required and only a small damaged section of the pipe needs to be repaired.

The Process

The first step is the inspection. With this method, CCTV survey technology is used to determine the extent and location of the damage.

Once the inspection has been completed, cleaning is done in order to get rid of any obstructions.

If there are tree roots, a robotic cutter is used to remove such intrusions. This is followed by a high-pressure water jetter to clear any remaining debris.

Before relining, pipes are inspected again to ensure complete removal of all intrusions.

Once the pipes are clean, the type of pipelining and amount is decided.

Different situations call for different types of liners. In case of curved pipes, flexible liners are used.

As far as the installation process is concerned, there are various options.

In the inversion process, a resin is poured into the liner and it is evenly distributed.

Inflated airbags are then used after insertion of the liner into the damaged pipe in order to shape it to the pipe walls.

In some cases, water pressure is also used. Another method is UV pipelining.

In this method, cables and winches are used to pull the lining into the damaged pipe.

Installation is followed by the curing process. This ensures hardening of the inserted resin to keep the lining in its place.

In the case of the inversion process, the resin cures either by itself or hot water is run through the pipe to speed up the process.

In case of UV pipelining, UV lighting is used for curing.

Once the damage has been fixed, a final inspection is done to make sure that the repair process is complete.

Once again, CCTV survey technology is used along with leak detection equipment.


Drain patch relining offers a number of advantages in terms of lower costs, minimal disruption and high speed of repairs.

As far as the cost savings are concerned, drain patch relining is considerably cheaper when compared to excavation and replacement.

It is also an eco-friendly process as the lining and resin are environmentally friendly materials.

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CCTV drain inspections

Are Drain Camera Inspections Accurate?

Do you have a blocked drain or leaking pipe causing you all sorts of problems?

Do you know the easiest way to detect exactly where the leak or blockage is occurring? Please keep reading to learn more.

Nobody likes running into plumbing problems, because they can be costly and time-consuming.

However, you do not have to settle for conventional solutions as technology now makes it so much easier to solve these issues.

Have you ever heard of CCTV used for drain camera inspection? If not, let’s take a look in more detail below as we cover the following:

  • How CCTV drain cameras work
  • The benefits of using CCTV
  • How accurate are CCTV drain cameras?

A Plumbing Revolution

It is common knowledge that 99% of a pipe system is not visible to the naked eye.

This is also why fixing any problems within a pipe system becomes so complicated.

For example, if the drain is blocked right in the middle of the pipe system, you will only figure it out once you start digging.

The same goes for pipes that leak. Accumulated water does not necessarily point to the exact location of the leak.

This means you still have to dig a generous hole in order to find the source of the problem. This has now changed!

The plumbing revolution comes in the form of CCTV drain cameras. They are designed to be long and thin, manoeuvrable, and very accurate.

And thanks to a built-in camera, nothing finds the problem quicker than a professional and CCTV drain camera equipment.

Forget about any type of digging when an option like this is open to you.

How Do You Benefit Exactly?

Simply telling you that CCTV drain solutions are the best is not enough. And to support this statement, consider the benefits you get.

  • Much quicker than conventional methods

It takes a professional a matter of minutes to have the CCTV drain camera set up and ready to go.

Digging a hole in the middle of your bathroom, on the other hand, will not be so quick.

If the problem is small enough to be addressed via less excessive methods, the professional behind the CCTV drain camera will pick it up.

  • Saves money

Take a moment to consider the damage you can potentially do by digging.

Not only is it time-consuming, but digging blindly can turn into a very costly business.

If it really is necessary to break open your tiled floors, you want to make sure that you do this at the exact spot where the problem is.

  • Accurate assessments

With quality CCTV equipment, professionals can do an accurate assessment right from the start.

They do not need to play any guessing games or experiment in order to tell you all about the source of the problem.

From there, you can decide what needs to happen based on the options that are open to you.

  • Check any pipe system

If you think drain cameras are limited in terms of the different pipe system, think again.

Due to the versatile design of the camera, it can be used to test and inspect just about any type of pipe system you need.

Can You Trust The Accuracy?

In basic terms, you will have a clear view of whatever is blocking the pipe or where the leak might be.

The high-quality and durable cameras give a completely different perspective without causing any damage.

However, it helps when a professional is in control of the equipment.

In Conclusion

Do not waste valuable time or money on conventional plumbing solutions when the revolution is waiting for you.

With CCTV drain camera experts at your disposal, why hang on any longer?

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Do Need Be Licensed To Perform Drain Camera Inspection?

Do You Need To Be Licensed To Perform A Drain Camera Inspection?

Do you have a blocked drain that needs to be cleared? Are you looking for a professional drain camera inspection service?

If so, then it’s important that you keep reading below.

Drain camera inspection services come in handy when the sewer system unexpectedly malfunctions at home.

Unless the professional plumbing service can see what the problem is, they cannot come up with the right solution to fix the problem.

That’s where drain camera inspection comes in handy. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the following:

  • What Is A Drain Camera Inspection?
  • How To Perform A Drain Camera Inspection?
  • Do You Need To Be Licensed To Perform A Drain Camera Inspection?

What Is A Drain Camera Inspection?

A pipeline camera inspection is important if a homeowner has constant backups, root intrusions, and blockages.

When you have a sewer line under the ground, you cannot tell the actual condition of the system unless you dig up the area.

Leaving sewer backup problems unchecked can cause major damage to your home. That’s where pipeline inspection is imperative.

This service will also help to get an accurate estimate for repairs or epoxy drain lining needs.

A drain camera inspection will offer an in-depth view of the drain lines in your home.

It will show areas of deterioration, low spots, breaks, cracks, root intrusions or other possible problems that may restrict the flow.

It may save you time and money by showing that all you require is a good cleaning – which could be easily accomplished by hydro jetting.

That’s why you need to rely on a professional drain camera inspection service when you have a sewer blockage in your home.

How To Perform A Drain Camera Inspection?

Drain camera inspection should be performed by a professional who has extensive experience in the industry.

The first step of the process is finding access. Access could be through roof vents, toilet flanges or cleanouts.

The professional will perform a visual inspection of your property looking for an appropriate access point.

Most of the time, cleanouts could be buried underground and need to be identified via pipeline inspection cameras.

Every home should have a proper plumbers cleanout that is usually located at the end of the line. They are often located in garages.

During the camera inspection, the professional plumber will make sure that the proper footage counter is used and actively note any potential problems.

The professional will locate the exact footage to save repair costs in the process.

The plumbing technician will use the camera from different access points to fully view all the aspects of the drain line.

The camera inspection will specify the kind of pipe in the ground and whether a section of that pipe has been repaired or replaced at any point in time.

Do You Need To Be Licensed To Perform A Drain Camera Inspection?

Camera inspections are better performed by licensed plumbing contractor – especially when there is an issue with the sewer system on the city side.

Such a contractor needs to submit a “plumbers report” for the city officials to investigate and perform the necessary repairs.

You should always rely on a drain inspection service instead of a regular plumbing service for the job.

They are the best people to identify the issue and recommend appropriate repairs.

With a host of drain inspection services operating in Melbourne, finding the right service provider isn’t easy.

There are many factors to look for when choosing the best drain camera inspection service.

If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable plumbing service in Melbourne, then look no further than Austest Pipeline Solutions.

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Helium in Water Leak Detection

What is the Use of Helium in Water Leak Detection?

Helium is something that most people think of as being used for kid’s balloons, but it actually has some other more serious and important uses.

However, helium can be used to detect water leaks, for example.

Using helium for water leak detection is efficient, non-invasive and effective at detecting even the smallest leaks.

How Helium Helps With Water Leak Detection

Helium is a simple and non-intrusive option for detecting leaks in water pipes. It has several benefits compared to other solutions:

  • It can be injected into the supply without requiring any invasive works
  • Leak detection can be performed without interruption to the water supply
  • The detection process is fast and accurate
  • Even small leaks can be detected
  • There is no need to dig up piping to test for leaks.

The process works by injecting helium into the supply and tracking it as it goes through the length of pipe to be tested.

Helium is less dense than air, so will rise up through the floor if it escapes.

There are only trace amounts of helium in the air so typically, technicians using helium can detect water leaks using test equipment at ground level with a good degree of accuracy.

Helium testing can be performed on long, large areas of pipe with a good level of success.

Unlike other forms of leak detection, it should not interfere with users of the water supply. However, there are some minor “side effects”.

Helium testing may lead to some users of the water supply that are near the test point experiencing “air bubbles” in their supply.

Small amounts of helium are not dangerous. The helium will rise and dissipate quite quickly. The helium is not harmful to plumbing either.

However, it is natural for consumers to become concerned at noticing air in the supply, so it is a good idea to notify users so that they do not call in for support after finding air in their water supply.

Simply running the tap for a little while should be sufficient to clear the air and restore normal supply.

How Accurate is Helium Water Leak Detection?

If the technicians find no helium at ground level, this means that there have been no leaks detected.

Helium can detect even fairly small leaks so this can be treated as a good sign.

If there is helium found at ground level, then this gives the technicians an indication of where they can look for the leak.

Helium water detection can pinpoint leaks over large areas of piping down to an accuracy of a minimum just over 3km, but usually a much shorter distance.

A team of technicians can survey 1 to 1.5km of pipework each day.

Helium is useful for finding leaks and can be used as a routine test to audit an existing network of pipes.

All that is required is a small tapping valve to allow for the insertion of the helium into the water supply.

This survey method is suitable for use in both cities and rural areas. Since it is non-invasive it can even be used to cross fields.

While technicians will need to be able to access fields to do ground-level testing there is no need to dig the fields up.

Overall, for large scale water leak detection, helium testing is a very good technique.

It can be combined with other techniques for inspecting smaller areas of pipework once the leak has been narrowed down to a specific section of the pipe network.

This helps to reduce water waste and keep your water supply running at optimal pressure and efficiency year after year.

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