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How Do Plumbing Companies Detect Water Leaks?

Water leaks can happen at any time but their location isn’t always so easy to figure out.

In some cases, the water damage may be apparent but the actual leak is nowhere to be seen. 

This is when plumbing companies call in the best and start incorporating all of their tricks to maximise leak detection. 

By using these solutions, they are able to pinpoint exactly where the leak is, how bad the damage may be, and what’s required moving forward.

Following is more about what plumbing companies do when it is time to detect hidden water leaks. 

Detailed Inspections

The first thing a plumber will do is analyse what’s going on. 

This can include running an eye over the water damage, understanding where the water is running, and finding out what needs to be used to move forward. 

Each step is an integral part of the process and has to be managed by a professional.

The inspection encompasses a multitude of steps to ensure everything is covered in detail.

The plumber will go through a traditional examination with nothing more than the eye test before bringing out the specialised tools. 

This is done to make sure everything is assessed manually before automated solutions are put to the test.

Contemporary Tools 

In this day and age, a number of brand-new tools have entered the market and that has made things much easier. 

Anyone that is looking to hire a professional plumbing company will notice the application of these tools for leak detection purposes.

These tools may include:

In most cases, a variety of tools will be utilised in order to make sure every potential leak is spotted immediately. 

For leak detection, the goal remains on making sure the leak is spotted as soon as possible. 

It’s essential to understand where the water is coming from with the help of these advanced tools.

Application of Prior Knowledge

With years of expertise, plumbers will always incorporate their own knowledge into the overall leak detection process. 

This knowledge comes with understanding what the property may be dealing with and what specific water damage is saying. 

This is why it’s important to call in professionals that have been doing this for a long time and have a feel for leak detection processes. 

They will be able to come in and get down to work as soon as possible without wasting a second.

Having professionals that can tap into prior knowledge is incredibly advantageous and something all plumbing companies use.

Infrared Technology 

Plumbers will often apply a number of modern-day solutions to help detect leaks. 

It’s all about understanding where to look and how to maximise the technology’s potential. 

With infrared technology, the emphasis is on temperature-based irregularities. 

The sensor is able to pick up on temperature drops, which can start to indicate a leakage behind concrete or any other heavy-duty barrier. 

When this technology is used, it can provide an impressive peek behind the barrier with nothing more than the tool in hand. 

This is why more and more plumbers keep infrared sensors on standby when it comes to leak detection. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Leaks aren’t always easy to spot and that’s why experienced plumbing companies get the job done quicker and better.

It’s important to understand what’s going on and that’s where modern-day technology plays a helping hand. 

It’s a great way to recognise issues and correct them in a timely manner. 

As time goes on, plumbing companies are pouring through these advancements and incorporating them into their routines. 

There’s real value in using these tools and that’s what makes leak detection easier than ever before.

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What Type Of Cameras Are Used For Inspecting Blocked Drains?

Video cameras are invaluable tools in the plumbing business. 

Specially designed plumbing cameras help plumbing professionals conduct a visual inspection of underground pipes such as sewer lines, including pipes under your home’s foundation and under cement.

The camera inspection is done by inserting a rod with a high-resolution camera on its tip into the pipe with the blockage. 

The cameras are flexible, which allows them to travel through twists and turns in the pipes and thoroughly examine them.

The footage is transmitted in real-time to the technician, so the condition inside your drain and sewer lines can be determined instantly. 

You can view any problems directly on a monitor and footage can be saved for future reference.

Following are the most common types of cameras used to inspect blocked drains.

1. Hand-held Camera

The most common type of camera used for inspecting blocked drains is the hand-held camera. 

The design of the camera is such that the user holds it in their hand while the camera cable is inserted into the area to be investigated.

The hand-held drain inspection camera is usually cordless to allow portability when in use. It means that you can move and use it anywhere you please. 

It is lightweight, which means that you can easily carry it around or even hold it for extended periods of time.

2. Reel Inspection Camera

The reel inspection camera differs from the hand-held model since it has a long cable with a camera head at its end. 

However, it does not have a screen. The cable is connected to a compatible monitor such as a laptop, video recorder, etc. 

It allows the user to see footage captured by the camera in real-time much the same way as a hand-held model.

The lack of a monitor might seem like a disadvantage for the reel inspection camera.

However, there’s also a key advantage to this type compared with the hand-held model, which is the cable length. 

The reel inspection camera has a considerably longer cable that allows the camera to reach greater distances.

The reel inspection camera is ideal for inspecting long pipes, drains, and gutters as it can reach further into the pipe than the hand-held model can.

3. Waterproof Inspection Camera

The waterproof inspection camera is designed with a cable and camera head that’s capable of withstanding being submerged in water or other types of liquid.  

To determine the level of protection the camera has against liquids, it is always advisable to check its I.P. rating. 

Both reel inspection and hand-held inspection cameras have waterproof models available. 

Waterproof inspection cameras are ideal for inspecting any type of water pipe such as a drain, sewer, sink, or toilet. 

They are often used to check for cracks and blockages since they help determine the extent of the damage without causing further damage. 

This helps save a lot of money and time when working with water pipes, which makes them very useful to have.

Final Thoughts

The cameras used for inspecting blocked drains or sewer lines are the hand-held model, the reel inspection model, and the waterproof model. 

A sewer line or drain pipe video inspection ensures that your sewer line and drain pipes are free of defects or problems that may lead to expensive repairs later on. 

Sewer camera inspections are recommended whenever you experience repeated drain or sewer line backups, clogs, or slow drainage. 

Unexpectedly high water bills can be indicative of a leak in the sewer line that can also be identified with a sewer line video inspection.

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Professional Drain Services In Melbourne

Drain problems are perhaps the most common plumbing issues for property owners. 

After all, hair, grease, rust, detergents, dirt and anything else that enters the sink or tub end up in the drain. 

When these substances build up, the drain clogs and causes many issues. Problems caused by blocked drains include:

  • Slow water drainage
  • Backflow

Problems with the drain can cause an unpleasant smell and create an unhealthy mess in your home. 

Therefore, if you suspect that you have a drainage problem with your plumbing system, then consider professional help. 

Professional plumbers know the right way to clean and fix drains and can clean your drain properly, ensuring that the problems not only goes away but don’t happen again.  

Professional Drain Services

If you’ve noticed that the shower doesn’t drain well, or there’s backflow in your toilet, then get in touch with professional plumbers near you. 

Regardless of your drainage problems, it’s always smart to let experts help you as they know the ins and outs of drain problems and the solutions. 

This will make it possible for small issues to be fixed before they turn into bigger and more expensive problems. Professional drain services include:

  • Drain inspection
  • Drain cleaning
  • Drain maintenance and repair

Drain Inspection

The best way to take care of blocked drains is to make sure that the problem doesn’t come back. 

CCTV drain inspection helps to identify the cause of the blockage and verify that repairs and installations are done correctly. 

With the help of CCTV cameras, plumbers can inspect the entire length of the drain. 

Video surveillance of the drainage system takes guessing out of the equation hence proper drainage repair and installation. 

Drain Cleaning

A clogged drain is an inconvenience and can lead to disastrous issues in a business or home. 

For this reason, many people instinctively attempt to unblock drains themselves with all sorts of things like chemical drain cleaners, bleach and other do-it-yourself solutions. 

Unfortunately, these solutions are temporary, and some may end up doing more harm than good to the drain and the plumbing system. 

Professional plumbers have the equipment, knowledge, experience, plus the techniques needed to provide top-tier drain cleaning services. 

One of the most effective methods that professional plumbers use to clean drains is the hydro jetting method. 

This method uses pressurised water to clean drains and pipes. 

The water scours through the drain getting rid of grease, debris, hair and other objects clogging the drain. 

Drain Repair

After an inspection, your plumber will decide whether relining will suffice or if drain replacement is the best solution. 

Here’s a window into the difference between drain replacement and drain relining:

Drain Relining vs Drain Replacement

Damages to the interior walls of the drain are hard to spot and often lead to bigger issues down the line. 

Drain relining provides the drain walls with a new lining ensuring that your drains are always in good shape. 

Drain relining is an excellent non-destructive drainage solution, especially for commercial buildings as no downtime is required.

On the other hand, if your drain is damaged beyond repair or problems keep recurring, then drain replacement is the best solution. 

Professional plumbers not only help with the installation of a new drain but also help you choose the right drain for your home or commercial property. 

Watch What You Flush Down Your Drains

While tree roots are a common cause of blocked drains, what you throw down your drains also plays a significant role in the condition of your drain. 

Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, make sure you dispose of the rubbish correctly. 

By maintaining your drain and watching what you put down in it, you can avoid clogged drains. However, if you run into blocked drains, call in the pros.

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Why Are CCTVs Used For Blocked Drains?

Why Are CCTVs Used For Blocked Drains?

Drainage problems are not only an inconvenience but can also lead to health issues. 

Almost every property or home-owner has to deal with plumbing issues now and then. 

Many times, they will be equipped with tools to help with plumbing emergencies. However, what happens when you’re dealing with difficult issues? 

The wise choice would be to contact professional plumbers to help out. 

Ignoring repairs of some common plumbing problems such as a clogged sink could lead to more complicated issues later. 

Professional Plumbing Services

Professional plumbers perform a myriad of tasks, including commercial and residential plumbing. 

The plumbing system is an essential element of any building therefore, it’s only natural that you should choose an experienced expert to help install, repair and service your plumbing system. 

However, before you call a plumber near you, you need to understand who you are hiring. Do you want a plumber for your home or commercial property? 

Is there a difference between a commercial and residential plumber? 

Residential vs Commercial Plumbing Services

Residential buildings and commercial buildings are different in many ways, including the size, purpose and traffic. 

For this reason, plumbing systems will differ since each system is designed to serve a different number of people. 

Commercial drains are bigger compared to residential drains. 

Therefore, whenever you’re looking for professional plumbing services, understand your needs. For optimum results, hire the right plumber for the job. 

Plumbing Services

Professional plumbing services include:

  • Emergency plumbing
  • Leak detection services
  • Pipe Services
  • Drain Services
  • CCTV pipe & drain inspection
  • Sewer services
  • Backflow services

Emergency Plumbing Services

The plumbing system doesn’t have working hours; sometimes, you could be dealing with a leaky toilet in the middle of the night or a burst pipe during the weekend. 

When dealing with plumbing emergencies, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and opt to fix the issue yourself. 

However, resist the urge for DIY emergency solutions as you could end up actually making things worse. 

Professional plumbers who provide 24/7 emergency solutions can get to you even during holidays and offer a permanent solution for your plumbing needs. 

Backflow Plumbing Services

Backflows are a common plumbing issue. 

When there’s a backflow problem with your plumbing system, what you want to flush and get rid of end up recirculating back into your system, exposing you to toxins. 

It’s important to make sure that what you flush is removed well away from your water supply. 

Reputable plumbing technicians will take measures to prevent backflow as well as teach you how to avoid backflows. 

Drain Services

Professional plumbers in Melbourne install, maintain and repair your drains to prevent flooding and ensure that your drainage system is working correctly. 

Some of the drainage services provided by professional plumbers include:

  • Drain cleaning
  • Drain line inspection
  • Drain maintenance and repair

CCTV Inspection In Melbourne

CCTV cameras have become essential tools in the plumbing industry. However, why are CCTVs used for blocked drains? 

Plumbers use CCTV cameras for visual inspections of the drain system, sewer lines and pipes that are underground or not accessible. 

A CCTV drain inspection will allow the plumber to identify all types of issues, including root intrusion, debris buildup, obstructions and leaks. 

The check is performed both before and after repairs to confirm that your drain is clean and working correctly. 

A CCTV inspection is crucial, especially if you’ve experienced repeated issues with your drain. 

Also, a CCTV inspection of your drain can make a world of difference before you purchase a house in Melbourne. CCTV inspections provide world-class benefits. 

Therefore, make sure to confirm that your plumber uses CCTV for drain inspection before you hire.

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