Drain Relining Melbourne

Relining your drain pipes is often the best long term solution to plumbing and pipeline issues. Drain Relining is a common, cost effective way to fix breaks and leaks in your sewer and storm water drainage systems. If excavation is not achievable then give us a call at Austest Pipeline Solutions Solutions and we can reline the area of defect.

drain relining

Old Damaged Pipe – Drain Relining

Once on site we would inspect your drain to see what the cause of the problems is. This is done with a CCTV Camera inspection.

We would then use a high pressure water jet to clear any debris or blockages from the pipeline. Know we can ascertain what is required to reline the pipe.

A pull in bladder system is the inserted with a felt liner and epoxy or silicate resin, this is left to harden and then removed.

Final CCTV drain inspection is done to show the customer the outcome of the newly relined pipe.

Austest Pipeline Solutions has been using advanced technology and equipment to reline and clear blocked drains. Once the leak or crack in the pipe has been found we look to extract the broken pipe and put a new stronger piece of pipe hence the term drain relining.

If you need or think that Relining Drain pipes is required give our team a call to come and check for any leak detection’s throughout Melbourne.